Karachi Becomes 2nd Most ‘Cannabis Consuming’ City In The World And It Is An Unpleasant Record To Have!


Absorbing the rising inflation and decreasing economic stability, Pakistanis, as usual, didn’t stop ranking ‘high’ in the world. Proving the world with the extraordinary raving capability, the 8th largest city in Asia, Karachi has taken the theory ‘sky is the limit’ to a whole new level outcasting many other developed realms around the world.

Last year, Karachi was the ‘second-highest’ city of the world!

Undoubtedly, Karachi is a mixture of diversified cultures and traditions but recently, the metropolis nearly topped the hotboxing charts and made Pakistan groove all over media. On Tuesday, the fired-up list of world’s most cannabis consuming cities list of 2018 came out with a not so proud record for the city but it sure left the filthy mark behind. Till now, mainly famous for its widespread garbage, Karachi is now ranking second among the highest cannabis consuming cities from 2018 making a total smoking number of 41.95 metric tonnes in the year.

ABCD Cannabis Price Index released the list recently and Pakistanis weren’t much surprised!

However, the list released had USA’s New York at first, which is acceptable, joining the ‘shotgun’ stance, Pakistan’s Karachi came in second, beating rival India here as well as it’s New Delhi ranked third and Mumbai placed at sixth. Apparently, everyone was concerned about the fact that the Netherlands’ Amsterdam didn’t make it to the list as it is hugely famous for its ‘stoned’ stooges worldwide.

Well, the increasing number of hashish consumption in the country is definitely alarming as most of the young generation is involved in it. The unnoticed side effects of ever-rising hashish culture in Pakistan need strict monitoring from the controlling authorities as it can easily lead anyone to the addiction pattern. After the list went extremely viral, some showed disappointment in Lahore for not making it to the list, while many congratulated Karachi on reaching the moon, every night.

Rivalry over anything. LOL!

Lahore is busy making a ‘bhang’ record, I guess!

Unitedly high, both neighbors grabbed the top places!

Just landed with ‘charas’ and 69 others!

Please wave your hand towards the camera!

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Depending on cannabis or hashish to release stress or tension gradually leads to its regular consumption and then comes addiction. Considered to be a socially unacceptable element, cannabis is even used in different medications by pharmaceutical giants as the extraction from the plant helps the companies to prepare drugs related to different diseases. Gimmicky, among the dropping economy of Pakistan, the nation at least helped the country raising its bar high on an international platform *sarcasm alert*.

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