8 Hilarious Things Lahoris Say About Karachiites

Lahore and Karachi, two of the biggest cities in Pakistan and equally loved and equally important to the country. But how Lahoris see Karachiites and how Karachiites see Lahoris is something that is at times worse than the rivalry between India and Pakistan.

KarachiLahore-Source: Tribune

So how do Lahoris see Karachiites, do they even see them over their delicious food or hear them over the sound of pouring rain?

Here is what Lahoris think of Karachiites and Karachi.

1.  Urdu killers



Kara/Kari. This makes not only Lahoris but anyone who speaks and knows Urdu, cringe. Well, why can’t you Karachiites just say “kiya/ka” instead of Kara/kari? And on another note, what kind of people use the word kaddu, ponka, ghanta?” For God’s sake who opens a fan or a TV?
A normal guy would say “Pankha chala dou”…

But a Karachiite “Pankha KHOL dou”??

Yes definitely, get a screwdriver and open it up!

When Karachiites use "kara/kari"

When Karachiites use “kara/kari” Source: gifrific.com

2. Those who commit blasphemy by putting aaloo in Biryani

This is debatable. Karachiites claim to own biryani and taunt Lahoris for having a pulao and mistaking it for Biryani, but they themselves ruin the sanctity of the biryani by putting aaloo in it.
A wise man once said,
“Biryani main boti honi chahiye aaloo tou samosay main bhi hota hai”.

Look, how beautiful it is without aloo!

Look, how beautiful it is without aloo! Source: food.ndtv.com

3.  Ignorants who are unaware of the blessings of doodh soda

Alright honestly, how can you Karachiites be deprived of such a beautiful thing? In summers it is the most refreshing thing you can ever have that makes you forget all your worries and turns you into a better person. So please put some 7up in milk and drink. You’re now one of us.

PicMonkey Collage

4. No poondi zone

Okay on this, Karachiites deserve a hug. Most populated city in the country and the amount of eye candy is definitely disappointing. Even Karachiites agree on that.

5. War-zone. Unsafe. Don’t go. You’ll get yourself killed.

Not Lahoris’ fault. Can’t really blame them seeing how media portrays Karachi when it’s all about target killing and getting mugged. A Karachites’ biggest achievement might just be able to roam around on the roads at night and use his phone without the fear of getting his phone snatched.


6. Sea is the solution to all problems.

“Hey we have Minar-e-Pakistan”
“We have the sea”
“Hey we have rain”
“We have the sea”
“Hey we have Badshahi mosque”
“We have the sea”
“Hey we have great infrastructure and clean wide roads”
“We have the sea”
“Hey qayamat aagayi hai”
“We have the sea”

This sea will one day free Kashmir and Palestine and bring world peace.

This sea will one day free Kashmir and Palestine and bring world peace.


No need to elaborate this.

This guy might just be Karachi and Karachi might just be this guy.

This guy might just be Karachi and Karachi might just be this guy.

8. Possible fear of getting brozoned even after you marry a girl from Karachi

You’re well aware of the habit of Karachiites saying “ARAY BHAIIYAAAAA” in almost every other sentence? Yes, that.


So, basically Lahoris have a different view about Karachi and Karachiites because of the language differences, cultural differences, weather differences, food differences but we have one thing in common. We both trolled Islamabad and we both don’t have the PSL trophy.

Pakistan zindabad.


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