Kara Sevda - The Endless Love. Turkish Drama to Take Pakistanis Hearts Away Again.

Kara Sevda – The Endless Love. Turkish Drama to Take Pakistanis Hearts Away Again.

Fact File

Title: Kara Sevda

English Title: Blind Love

Urdu Title: Dil Ne Kaha

Also Recognized As: Endless Love, Tiempo de Amar

Genre: Romanticism, Drama

Episodes: 74

Broadcast Network: Star TV

Broadcast Time: October 14, 2015 – June 21, 2017

Turkish Drama Will Be Making Waves in Pakistan Again

Turkish drama Kara Sevda (Endless Love) struck up the 2017 International Emmy Award for Best Telenovela. Director Hilal Saral and producer Kerem Çatay mention DQ why it stands out from the masses.

Turkish telenovelas have been tapping on the door of their Latin American rivals for several years now as the composition continues to grow in demand around the world.

Now the door has been bulldozed down by Kara Sevda (Endless Love), the long-running drama that last year grew the first Turkish scripted series to get an International Emmy, triumphing over competition from 30 Vies – Isabelle Cousineau (Canada), Totalment Demais, and Velho Chico (both Brazil).

Blockbuster Turkish series Kara Sevda or ‘Endless Love’ is now free for Urdu’s public on YouTube. The Urdu dubbed story of the series is titled ‘Dil Ne Kaha. ‘

Turkey is not holding back when it evolves to sharing their on-screen masterpieces. Ever since the TRT Urdu YouTube channel’s production, the state broadcaster has experienced many period dramas dubbed in Urdu.

While Turkish TV is famed for its period dramas, its modern series is no less captivating. From all that drama and excitement to the plot-twists, this looks like a must-watch series.

Kara Sevda attends to two young lovers, Kemal Soydere and Nihan, who are drawn apart by family obligations and class diversities.

Fun fact, he is played by Burak Özçivit, who also plays Osman I in Kuruluş: Osman, the sequel to Diriliş: Ertugrul.

A Little Synopsis of the Story

Kemal (Burak Ozcivit) is a youthful guy who is a fourth-year college student studying engineering. At the very time, Kemal works at boats and gathers money to support his family. He does not have a rich life, but he never cries about being poor.

Nihan (Neslihan Atagul), on the opposite hand, is a young and pretty girl who comes from a wealthy family. She is a painter and appreciates her life by drawing different portraits.

One day, in sequence, to find several faces for her next exhibition, Nihan moves behind her wealthy life and goes on a public bus. Meanwhile, Nihan and Kemal slam into each other out of pure eventuality. They both get drawn to each other: Nihan secretly draws Kemal’s portrait while Kemal secretly follows Nihan.

These two young people fall in love with each other even though they originate from diverse backgrounds. They win true love and want to get partnered as soon as possible.

However, Emir (Kaan Urgancioglu), who has been in the desire of Nihan for a long time, does everything to gain her love.

When Nihan’s twin brother Ozan (Baris Alpaykut) unintentionally kills a young woman, Emir exercises his power to cover that accident and protects him from being put into prison. In trade to save his brother, Nihan accepts getting married to Emir and breaks up with Kemal without explaining anything.

Five years later, the stories of Kemal and Nihan intersect again. Kemal retreats to Istanbul as a successful businessman and begins a new business with Emir. Meanwhile, Nihan renews her life as a married woman but never disregards her first love.


In everlasting love (kara sevda) tv series literature, you will follow a pure love of a rich girl and poor guy whose futures are not written together. Will Kemal manage to discover the truth about Nihan’s past? Or will Kemal and Nihan endure to cope with all the obstacles in their ways and proceed to love each other? Will Emir resume his life without Nihan?

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