What’s Porn Singer? – Kangana Fails To Get Ali Gul Pir’s Sarcasm While He DESTROYS Her Publicly

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B-Town actor Kangana Ranaut is taking her attack on US pop singer Rihanna to the next and more aggressive level. Amidst Kangana’s one-sided feud, the Pakistani rapper Ali Gul Pir took a jab at Ranaut, who failed to sense the sarcasm. So let’s find out what happened!

Rihanna on Tuesday showed support for the farmers’ protests in India, and this did not sit well with the Indian actor and burned her up. Taking to Twitter, Rihanna tweeted about the situation in Delhi. “Why aren’t we talking about this,” the singer wrote.

Ever since she tweeted, there has been an outpouring of support from the international celebs for the farmers’ protests in India against the three agricultural laws. Meanwhile, India slammed those celebrities on Wednesday for making comments in support of the protesting farmers. Moreover, they deemed it wrong and irresponsible.

In a series of tweets, Ranaut took a dig at the US superstar. Check out her tweet.

The Queen actor seems to be taking her ‘one-sided clash’ to a whole new level as her latest tweet called the Grammy-winner a “porn singer” but not just Rihanna, she used the same label for Jagmeet Singh, the leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party. In fact, she even went on to use the word “terrorist” for the Sikh politician.

And, now Ali Gul Pir makes the entrances

Presumably bemused, much like us, Ali Gul Pir throws sarcasm on Kangana, asked, “Porn singer? Is that a singer who makes music for porn films only? They will refuse to sing for normal films? Please explain further. I didn’t know such a niche existed, just curious.”

Now, we are not quite sure if Ranaut knowingly deflected from the obvious sarcasm but she literally replied to him with a complete description. “Someone who can’t sell music without making it sensual/adult. Unlike classical and genuine singers where the body is of no consequence.” the actor wrote.

“A porn singer is hugely dependent on his/her flesh show off, private parts exposure, and mediocre talent. This makes them absolutely massy, and junk,” she further added.

The Waderai Ka Beta singer then summed up Ranaut’s response with even more sarcasm wrapped in the not-so-subtle shade at her to stay in headlines for her absurd remarks.

LOL! Well done, Pir!

Indian farmers are infuriated by the laws that help large, private buyers at the expense of producers. It is pertinent to note that these poor farmers have been camping outside New Delhi for more than two months.

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