Delayed By PMLN And Completed By PTI; Bahrain-Kalam Road Is Ready!

kalam road completion

Pakistan’s journey to becoming one of the top tourist destinations around the globe is finally beginning on a positive note with several projects under-away; courtesy of the incumbent government. One of the milestones achieved, pertaining to tourism, is the completion of Bahrain-Kalam road. The construction work that was initiated in 2017, under the government of PML-N, is finally completed by the current government of PTI.

Northern-areas of Pakistan; A little piece of heaven on earth!

The breathtaking landscapes, lush-greenery, snow-capped mountains & terrains, and so much more; this side of Pakistan is a tourist’s dreamland. Even the Pakistanis are in awe of the magnificence held by these northern areas. Kalam valley, located in the northern upper reaches of Swat valley is one of the famous places for tourism.

Kalam-Bahrain Road Completed

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The road that directly linked Bahrain and Kalam is now completed, allowing a smoother journey from Bahrain and in less time. Previously, it took more than 3 hours of rough journey to Kalam; now the same route has been reduced to a 45 minutes drive. In addition, this will allow a large influx of tourists who are looking to discover the beauty of Kalam, Swat.

Kalam was and still is one of the top destinations of Pakistan. However, the bumpy and rough roads reduced its visitors almost to a null. Now, the valley will regain its lost glory and popularity. The local tourists, in particular, are celebrating the completion of Kalam road. The entire strip along River Swat itself is a view to enjoy. Now that is a perfect road-trip; the journey and destination both picturesque.

Pakistan gaining recognition for ‘tourism-potential’ worldwide.

PM Imran Khan before taking over the office, stressed the neglected potential of Pakistan on the tourism front. Now, his efforts and visions are coming to fruition. Recently, Italy announced its investments in Pakistan aimed to boost its tourism activities. Moreover, Conde Nast Traveller declared Pakistan as the Best Holiday Destinations of 2020′. For those who are unaware, this is a prestigious magazine that enlists top destinations worthy of visiting.

However, this wasn’t the only highlight for Pakistan in 2019. Considering how big of a platform YouTube has become, many foreign top travel-vloggers graced Pakistan with their tour and, in turn, showcased the unmatched hospitality of the locals, the beauty of their travel-destinations with Pakistan and of course the delicious desi food. Their contributions play a large role in debunking the myths or propagandas portraying Pakistan as a country gripped with terror and crimes.

This Bahrain-Kalam road is one of many achievements under the leadership of the current government led by the PM Imran Khan. Pakistan is definitely progressing with usual setbacks in the middle. Hopefully, the shortcomings will be addressed and taken care of as well. Let’s pray for a successful 2020 for Pakistan.

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