This 3-Hour-Old Baby Needs Your Prayers After Surviving Kabul Hospital Attack

This 3-Hour-Old Baby Needs Your Prayers After Surviving Kabul Hospital Attack

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As armed men rampaged through an Afghan hospital on Tuesday, shooting mothers and babies and pregnant women. A newborn baby, Amna, was shot in both legs in the attack. According to doctors, Amna’s leg is in danger of being detached from her body due to two bullets in her right leg.

She was only 3-hours old when the terrorist attack on the hospital killed her mother Nadia. One of her relatives, Hamidullah Hamidi, told the BBC that Nadia had two children before her [the eldest son and the youngest daughter].

According to Hamidi, an operation has been performed on Amna’s affected leg while two more operations are yet to be performed. Hamidi said that at the time of the attack, Amna’s father Rafiullah was outside the hospital for five hours trying to save his wife and newborn baby from the terrorists.

Twitter praying for the beautiful soul

The beautiful pictures of the newborn have been going viral and people are praying for the ‘strongest baby girl’.

The gunmen headed straight to the maternity section when they burst into the hospital, even though other buildings and wards were closer to the entrance. There were 26 mothers in the hospital in the morning of attack. Eleven of them were killed during the hours-long attack, including three in a delivery room with their newborn babies. Five others were wounded.

At least six babies lost their mothers in an attack that sparked international outrage. After the attack, 18 other newborns were taken to another nearby hospital, from where Amna was admitted to a private hospital.

The attack comes at a time when most Afghans were hoping that an agreement between the United States and the Taliban in February would bring peace to Afghanistan and end 40 years of war and instability.

We are praying for the speedy recovery and health of innocent Amna!


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