Justin Trudeau Shows his Support To Shahid Afridi and It Is Making Pakistanis Happy!

When it comes to making the nation proud, Shahid Afridi has contributed a lot on his part. From his Boom Boom innings to leading Pakistan on numerous crucial winnings; from having the most heated arguments with the rivals to proving how strong we are as a team, Lala always has a card under his sleeve to prove his importance to the nation.

Aside from his cricketing career, Afridi has established himself well as a philanthropist. Shahid Afridi Foundation has done wonders for Pakistanis in terms of education and healthcare. Based on how Afridi has managed to get the support of numerous huge names, including Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, the foundation has developed prominently in the course of time.

Among A Number of Names, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is Also One Now!

Islamic Relief Canada organized the annual fundraiser recently in Vancouver, Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau then shared his endorsement towards the Shahid Afridi Foundation.

In a statement made to the foundation, the Prime Minister welcomed Shahid Afridi and encouraged his efforts towards the future of Pakistan. Trudeau applauded the efforts of the foundation in building a hospital and encourage others to contribute in it.

Shahid Afridi Thanked Trudeau for his Encouragement and Trust in the Foundation

A great step towards not only Shahid Afridi Foundation but also beneficial towards the future of the country. It shows how Shahid Afridi is putting forward his charitable intentions and spreading the name of his foundation and this country altogether.

Good luck to Shahid Afridi and hope he gets success in this charitable cause!




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