This Video Shows Exactly How Justin Bieber Is So Excited About Ramadan!

Throughout the world, the holy month is being observed and the Muslim community is sincerely observing and actively participating in the virtuous rituals of this great month. A brilliant fact about Ramadan; people having multi-faith simply come to admit and feel that there’s something amazing about this month that cannot be observed in any other month in a calendar year.

Source: The Indian Express

The great thing about this month is that people continue to share sincere greetings and messages of harmony and peace to one another. As a tradition, even non-Muslims actively greet and share the message of love that Ramadan brings. You can come across many celebrities, organizations, sports teams, athletes and etc., who would never forget to greet “Ramadan Mubarak” to people of the community.

Talking about celebrities, Justin Bieber is pretty prepped up about Ramadan too… Just watch him!


A moment of silence for all those who really thought Justin Bieber had to say something about Ramadan.

Well, this “Ramzaaan Ayaaa” song is getting out of control. I think it was released 2 years ago and since then, it has taken a toll on social media. People continue to share it and now it was put into a Justin Bieber-concert video – WAY TO GO, THE INTERNET!

Just when you were feeling a bit dizzy during your fast, allow the video above to enlighten your mood. You certainly would scramble towards thoughts like how are these people so capable of coming up with such content. What a bunch of trolls it is and it could not be any better than this. It was a light, humorous content that filled the purpose of putting a smile on our faces. So, guys, keep up with diligently observing the holy month of Ramadan and if you are having a little mood swing or feeling crap, just return to this article and play the video.

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