Justice For Wishah! Violent Husband Sends ‘Target Killer’ After Wife & Leaks Her ‘Private’ Videos

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A survivor of domestic abuse, identified as Wishah Abubakr, has called out her husband for endangering her life. A video has surfaced on the Internet, wherein the woman begs for protection.

“I am the wife of Shahzawar Bugti who is the son of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. He is trying to get me and my family killed. This man is spreading my personal life pictures to blackmail me. I want government protection so I can fight my case against this animal who has destroyed my life,” Wishah took to Twitter to raise her voice.

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“Shahzawar Bugti, I tolerated your beating and torture. I tolerated your hate towards our daughter. I tolerated your anger and hate towards my religion. Now you blackmail me by spreading my private pictures that you took while we were husband and wife. I will finally stand and fight against you,” she wrote.

The victim shared a couple of videos to unfold her ordeal to the concerned authorities and seek help. Talking about the torment, Wishah tells how she went underground after her husband sent a target killer to kill her after she decided to get separated.

“He did not just torture me but he was also blasphemous. And he would keep his foot on Quran, and beat me whenever I recited it or offered namaz.”

“He used to beat me during pregnancy and wanted to kill our child. Also, he made inappropriate videos of me and sent them to all of my relatives. He knew that I would commit suicide after this and give my child to him,” she added.

“Even my tailor and food delivery man were sent the video, he did not leave anyone. I have tolerated his torture for seven years.”

Here are the videos with shocking details!

Wishah has a two-year-old daughter, and she does not want Shahzawar to get hold of her. Moreover, Wishah clarified that she has video and WhatsApp to give the evidence against Shahzawar.

We truly hope that Wishah gets the justice she deserves and the accused faces the consequences of his actions. Women face violence and discrimination, and a new case of domestic violence is reported every other day. Last year, in a similar case, a survivor of domestic abuse begged for support and protection against her husband who attempted to strangle her. However, the system always failed to take instant action.

Earlier, a young girl, only a year after marriage was severely beaten by her husband and his family. They continuously abused her. So much so that the poor girl lost her health and senses. We need to raise our voices for such women who seek our help!

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