Rajnesh Kumar Was Killed Allegedly By An EX MPA Of PPP And Pakistan Wants Justice!

Nothing is worse for parents than to see their child pass away, especially at a very young age. What makes their suffering even harsher is when their child has died at the hands of a powerful man that they cannot do anything about.

The rich, the powerful and the influential in Pakistan can get away with any crime imaginable. The law and order of Pakistan are in shambles. No amount of protests and angry demonstrations by supporters will get that man behind bars. This is the reality, unfortunately.

A 22-year-old Rajnesh Kumar was killed in a road accident.

Rajnesh Kumar belonged from Umerkot Sindh breathed his last after meeting a horrible accident. The poor lad was returning home after celebrating his birthday accompanied by his friends and were on bikes. On Kunri Road Umerkot, a black car allegedly took the wrong turn and hit their three bikes in a row.

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It is being claimed that the car was being driven by an EX MPA of PPP, advocate Poonjo Mal Bheel, who was under the heavy influence of alcohol. The culprit didn’t stop to help instead made a run for it, leaving Rajnesh helpless and dying.

Rajnesh’s friend, heavily injured himself narrates the incident with a heavy heart demanding justice.

He informs that they are students in Karachi and were visiting their families back home oblivious to what is in store for them. After they were hit, they kept asking the culprit to help them and take them to the hospital. Instead, the man started hitting them and ran away, leaving them to die.

What cruel fate, that you breathe your last on the day you were born. Rajnesh’s death was met with anger on social media and everyone raised their voices under the hashtag #JusticeForRajnesh. The students demonstrated through rallies and demanded that strict action should be taken not just against the culprit but also against drunk driving.

Indeed. However, God had different plans for young Rajnesh and in His plans, we should trust.

One doesn’t represent the entire party but if that political party is silent, then this means they are equally supporting a murderer.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Hopefully, the efforts of all these students will come to fruition and an unbiased investigation will commence.

Innocent until proven guilty? There is a dire need for a thorough investigation to come to a certain conclusion.

He was visiting his family, little did he know this will be his last visit.

Definitely not the law enforcing agencies of Pakistan. These party goons are invincible under the weak judicial system of our country.

His parents worked so hard to educate their son who was a student at Iqra University.

There is a growing concern in this country clearly showing the incompetence of blindness of the justice system. The police sector reeks of corruption and with the latest disappointing incidents coming to light, one is not even safe from these thugs, apparently. Where can a common Pakistani who has been wronged, go? When the organizations responsible for providing justice and ease, are the ones propagating and supporting crimes of the elite and powerful.

We hope Rajnesh’s death doesn’t go unnoticed or swept under the rug until the situation calms down. #JusticeForRajnesh.

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