#JusticeForQuratulAin: Mother Of 4 Murdered By Influential Husband Whom Police Won’t Arrest

justice for qurat ul ain

Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch, the mother of four children, was allegedly murdered by her husband brutally, Umer Khalid Memon, on Thursday in Barrage Colony, Hyderabad.

She had reportedly been tortured for hours until she fainted after being hit on the head by her husband. He then strangled the poor woman to death. Around 3 or 4 in the morning, she died at the spot, and her husband went to drink in the car. Their eldest child is aged 9 while the youngest one is only 2 years old.

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He changed her clothes and his own clothes when he returned to hide the evidence. As per social media reports, he took her to the hospital at 6 am, where the doctors declared her dead. The incident took place on July 15, Thursday.

The postmortem revealed that her body was covered in bruises and blood. Her nose was bleeding until the very end, her neck was swollen, and her jawbone was broken. In addition to this, her entire body was covered in black bruises. 

The police arrested Khalid and he was taken to the Baldia Police Station. The murderer’s family, however, is very influential. The police refused to register a First Information Report (FIR) against him. Additionally, his brother owns the New York Cafe and Bakery in Hyderabad. Using his influence, he is also seeking the release of his murderer brother. They are trying to bribe their way out of this situation.

Among the four children of the victim, only the oldest is aware that her mother is dead. They were also hit by their father, sources add. While their mother’s murderer is being freed, they are crying for their mother. 

Twittersphere demands justice for Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch

In another similar case, the Rawalpindi police arrested Journalist Ali Salman Alvi on June 29 on suspicion of being involved in his wife’s murder. An FIR was registered against him, after his wife, Sadaf Zahra was found dead at their house. Unlike so many women who are killed by their spouses owing to domestic abuse, she actually chose to speak out about what she suffered.

Zahra’s sister registered the FIR against him. Later, a close friend of hers also shared some terrible details about him on Twitter. According to her, the journalist tortured Zahra and cheated on her for a long period of time. She also shared some screenshots of his messages with other girls with whom he cheated on her. Her body hanging from the ceiling fan was brutally bruised.

However, now, the man who was arrested for allegedly killing his wife has been released. Not only that but also returned the custody of his daughter.

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