Man Killed Over Filming A Foreigner Hunting In The Area & Protesting Against Roadblock

nazim jhokio killed foreigner hunting

A young man was found tortured to death inside a Malir farmhouse on Wednesday. What was his crime?

The incident enraged area residents and community members, who blocked the main National Highway and alleged that influential personalities were involved in the murder as the victim had made a video of some foreign hunters in his village in Thatta district recently.

Later, the victim had also recorded his own video saying that his life was in danger because certain elements were threatening him. He had asked authorities to put his video on record, his relatives said. He said he was beaten with clubs and punches during a scuffle at Jam House. Meanwhile, police took two suspects into custody.

Disputing the version of the police about the circumstances leading to the murder, the relatives and Jokhio community members of Malir and people of adjoining areas on Wednesday blocked the main National Highway near Gulshan-i-Hadeed.

They claimed that Nazim Jokhio was murdered at the behest of influential personalities because the victim had made a live video of hunting near his home in Jungshahi.

The Jam House in Malir

The victim’s brother Afzal Jokhio, who is a former councilor, alleged an MPA and MNA of the ruling party were involved in the murder of his brother. He told the media that his brother had made a video of hunting by the foreign guests of the lawmakers and broadcast it live on social media.

Later on, his brother continuously received threats from ‘Jam House in Malir’. They were summoned to the farmhouse. He said he and his brother went to Jam House in Malir where the MNA allegedly started beating his brother and asked him (Afzal) to go away.

Afzal said he reached his home late on Tuesday night. Two persons belonging to Jam House informed him that his brother had died.

Victim’s last video statement

On this occasion, the relatives also shared a video statement of the victim to the media. According to the video allegedly made by the victim before his murder, Nazim Jokhio said that he made a live video of hunting at 4 pm. 

Some person had snatched the cell phone from him and beat him to keep him silent. But he was later given his phone. He said he made a phone call to Madadgar-15 but the police did not arrive. In the meantime, the hunters left the place.

Later on, he received threatening phone calls asking him to “delete the videos, otherwise, you may face problem in the morning”.

“I am not afraid but this video statement of mine should be kept on record. I am receiving threats and I would not seek an apology,” he said in the video statement.

Story Courtesy: Dawn News

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