Influential Man Takes Life Of Young Jibran In Quetta & Now People Want Justice

justice for jibran

A tragic incident has taken place in the heart of Balochistan, in Quetta city. Jibran Agha, a young 17-year-old boy, was reportedly stabbed to death by powerful people in the region. Only two days after Eid, Jibran’s body was left lifeless on the Airport Road in Quetta. The reason for the murder is still not known.

However, Jibran’s teacher/friend Emaduddin Khan appeared in an interview with Waqar Zaka where he shared the details about the incident.

Earlier, there were rumors that Jibran was killed on some petty issue over a girl. However, Khan dismissed them and requested people to stop spreading fake news about the deceased. Allegedly, one of the influential people in Quetta, Hubair Khan Kakar killed Jibran.

Khan in the interview revealed Hubair’s family is very powerful. He apparently killed Jibran and ran away, leaving his car behind which is now in Police custody.

Narrating the incident, Khan said, “Jibran was attacked on Airport Road. During the attack, Jibran somehow was able to contact his friends Shahjahan, Suleman, and Usman Durrani. When they reach the location, Jibran was brutally injured but still breathing so they took him to the hospital. When they reach the hospital, Hubair was already there and attacked Usman who was trying to grab him. Usman, as a result, was also injured and is currently admitted to a hospital.”

Khan also claimed Hubair’s family has moved to some unknown location after the incident.

Shahjahan Khilji tweeted that his friend breath his last in his hand.

#JusticeForJibran trends on Twitter

Now, Jibran’s family, friends, and people from across the country are raising their voices to get justice for Jibran. It is also one of the top trends on Saturday. Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain has also shown his support for Jibran.

Meanwhile, the Balochistan government and the center are yet to say a word on the matter. Such brutality and injustice should not be neglected at any level. The people of Balochistan feel that they are always neglected by the government as well as media when it comes to helping them over such incidents.


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This is not the first time that we have come across such an incident. There are several such cases in Pakistan where the family of the deceased beg for justice but still the government of Pakistan fail to do anything about it. Let’s hope, Jibran gets justice this time.


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