A 12-Year-Old Hindu Girl, Jamna Was Intoxicated And Raped In Sajawal By Two Men And We Demand Justice!


A little 12-year-old Jama from Sajawal, Sind was kidnaped, intoxicated and raped by two men and Twitter is determined to bring justice to her.

On the third day of Eid, two men reportedly abducted 12-year-old Hindu girl, Jamna. They made her drink alcohol, and knocked her unconscious and forcefully raped her. They beat her up and threatened to keep her quiet. Later they threw the little girl in a cricket ground.

The worst part is this is not an only case. There have been many cases in the past few years after Zainab’s case and the number of reported incidents has increased to a great extent.

It is terrifying for parents as they live under constant fear. You cannot be around your kids 24/7 and so you fear somebody close might take advantage of them.

We want security and peace of mind, we want these sickos to be given a public punishment.

People have zero expectations from Sindh government

Finally, an FIR was filed against the culprits. And due to the sad state of affairs, even getting an FIR registered is a moment of gratitude. The two men accused in the FIR got arrested too.

Thank You, SSP Zulfiqar Talpur for doing your work.

Senator Kishool Lal of Pakistan People’s Party visited the little girl at the Civil Hospital Hyderabad. He consoled the family and the assured them his support.

He inquired about the progress on the case from the SSP Sajawa and SSP Tando Mohammad Khan. The Senator also demanded justice for Jamna and pressurized the PPP government to take a strict action and strong measures to prevent such incidents.

The power of social media is used for the right causes now as it is the most powerful medium to spread awareness and to raise a storm. Social media has given a voice to victims and their families and that is a blessing in a country like ours where the system is corrupted to the core.

Jamna is not the first victim and not the only Hindu girl to go through this ordeal. We need to make this country safer for our children and for that we need to stand up for every kid. Regardless of their gender, ethnicity, color, race and religion.

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