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Young Maid Forced To Sit Alone In Car’s Trunk In Lahore Causes Social Media Outrage

Child labor is condemned around the world, but in Pakistan, it is looked at as a source of luxury and… Read More

Pakistan’s Army Sends 4 Terrorists To Hell During Security Operation In Balochistan

Security forces on Saturday killed four terrorists in an exchange of fire during an intelligence-based operation (IBO). The operation was… Read More

Friends Demand #JusticeForFaisalMugheri As Family Tries To Bury Issue Of ‘Alleged Murder’

Friends play an important role in our lives, but have you come across friends who love you as much, even… Read More

Indian Army Martyrs 3 Kashmiri Cousins In Fake Encounter – Admits Soldiers’ Wrongdoing

An inquiry by India's army ruled against military staff on Friday. The ruling was given in the incident that led… Read More

Motorway Police Rescue Woman & Daughters From Kidnappers Before It Was Too Late!

In South Asia, it is usually believed that the police arrives after a crime has been committed. However, in today's… Read More

FBR Issues 2018 Tax Details Of Parliamentarians, CMs – Do You Know How Much Tax PM & Bilawal Paid?

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Friday released Tax Directory 2018. The list gives details of the tax collection… Read More

Pakistan Decides To Make Gilgit-Baltistan Its Fifth Province & India Is Burning Now

This is certainly good news! Pakistan has decided to elevate Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) to the status of a fifth province and… Read More

This UK-Based Aviation Geek Took A Flight On PIA & Fell In Love With Islamabad & Pakistanis

Right after the European Union Aviation Safety Agency suspended all flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the US did the… Read More

MNA From Chitral Makes Fun Of Issue By Asking How Women Will Be Castrated If They Raped Men

The burning issue of the moment in Pakistan pertains to the safety of women. Last week, a mother of three… Read More

Brave Woman From Lahore Chops Off Her Blackmailer’s Genitals To Set Example

A woman has chopped off the genitals of her ex-boyfriend in the Harbanspura area of Lahore after he constantly blackmailed… Read More

Pakistan Burns India By Putting Up New Political Map With Kashmir At SCO Meet

The start of the current week has been humiliating for India and a diplomatic victory for Pakistan. Where? during an… Read More

Pakistani Tik-Toker Kills Husband To Increase Followers As Video Goes Viral

In the world of Tiktok, anything is possible. Where fingers become guns and blood is of the color of water,… Read More

PM Imran Suggests Rapists Should Be Publicly Hanged Or Chemically Castrated

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday he would like convicted rapists to be publicly executed or chemically castrated. He… Read More

CCPO Lahore Issues An Apology For Blaming The Victim Of Motorway Incident

While the entire nation was furious and shocked over the horrendous motorway incident, CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh blamed the victim,… Read More

Mother Injured While Saving Her 4-Year-Old Daughter From Rape In Faisalabad

In this country, just when you think things cannot descend any further, you are being pushed off another cliff. Yet another… Read More

This Chocolate-Boy Is Going Viral From Islamabad Protest Being ‘A Good Example For Men’

Large-scale demonstrations and protests took place across all major cities of Pakistan on Saturday after a brutal gang-rape incident that… Read More

Pregnant Woman & Husband Allegedly Beaten By Restaurant Staff In Murree

Some videos and photos doing rounds on different social networking sites showed tourists insulted, abused, and physically thrashed by some… Read More

Tragic Motorway Incident Sparks Topic Of ‘Sex Education’ In Pakistani Schools

Owing to the massively increasing rape cases in Pakistan, the public demands sex education as a compulsory part of the… Read More

Motorway Incident: Suspect Waqar-Ul-Hasan Surrenders, Denies Involvement In Rape Case

The motorway rape case has left many souls wrenched, and others grieved. However, Punjab Police identified the culprits of the… Read More

Two Men Enter House & Gang-Rape Another Mother While Pakistanis Protest For Motorway Victim

Yet another horrific gang-rape case emerged as a married woman was allegedly gang-raped at her home by two suspects at… Read More

Govt Identifies ‘Both Culprits’ In Motorway Gang-Rape – Search To Arrest Them Begins

Hours after identifying one of the suspects in the Lahore motorway gang-rape case, Punjab police under Govt now identifies both… Read More

14 Pakistani Hindus, Who Went To India For Better Future, Return With Shattered Dreams

At least 14 members of Pakistan's Hindu community recently returned from India after six months. Pakistani Hindus said their dreams… Read More

Faisal Vawda Promises To Get ‘Castration Bill’ For Rapists Pass From National Assembly

Federal Minister for Water Resources and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Faisal Vawda said in a statement that the accused involved… Read More

Pakistani Women Selling ‘Tasers & Pepper Sprays’ For Self Defense After Motorway Rape

The security situation in the country has spiraled out of control of the police, Rangers, and the government. Sexual crime… Read More