#JusticeForKulsoom: Police Return Pathan Girl To Captors After Rescuing Her

Pakistan Police Kulsoom

It breaks our heart to see the nation that we have become today. From honor killings to child marriages, it seems that humanity has lost all meaning. A tragic and heartbreaking incident took place in the little village of Kamalia, a Tehsil in Punjab, where a poor Pathan girl, with the name Kulsoom, was sold to a Punjabi family. Here she was kept captive for a whole 3 years.

Police send Kulsoom back with her captors

A local news TV channel host finally heard about this horrifying incident that occured with Kulsoom; and with the help of official authorities and police managed to rescue her. Although, this might seem like a happy tale of this poor girl, it wasn’t. What the police did next will surely make your heart break and soul shatter.

Pakistan Police Kulsoom

Source: YouTube

Instead of fulfilling their duty and returning the girl to her home, the police of Kamalia Tehsil; sent the girl back to her captors. Not only is this shocking, but it breaks our hearts to see how easy it is to confine someone, provided the behavior of our police force and other official authorities. The girl is handed back to the ones who have been torturing her brutally; who might even kill her just for the sake of money!

The minute the news broke, Twitterati is completely condemning the act and trying to make sure that the right action be taken for the sake of protecting Kulsoom. In addition, it is also to make sure that Kulsoom is given protection against these captors immediately. She mentions that she was sold for about three lac rupees and has been a target of all kinds of physical abuse and violence since then.

The actual story of Kulsoom

The captor in order to make sure there isn’t any illegality involved he married Kulsoom, but the purpose of buying her was to ensure slavery. If this isn’t disgusting enough, this poor girl was a victim of incessant torture, rape and God knows what; from the man as well as his first wife and children.

The girl, Kulsoom mentions that the police keeps on sending her back; who are good friends with the nephews of her captor. The story is as dark as it could get. It makes us wonder; why we are even questioning the outbreak of COVID-19, especially when we have become so insensitive and inhumane.

Pakistan Police Kulsoom

Source: YouTube

To make matters worst, this innocent Kulsoom was even tortured into oblivion to make a video again, saying she is happy with her children she doesn’t need rescuing. It disgusts us to see how we have become insensitive and completely crazed over money; that we are willing to let go of our values.

What is even more saddening is how most people still think that this is a matter between wife (Kulsoom) and husband (captor), hence no one should intervene. Thoughts spiralling in our heads is how can people think so indifferently and question the cruelty faced by this woman. We truly hope that Kulsoom gets the justice she deserves and that her oppressors are punished in due time.


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