Junaid Safdar Finally Responds To All Those Who Criticized His Controversial Eid Photo

Junaid Safdar Finally Responds To All Those Who Criticized His Controversial Eid Photo

Let’s be unbiased COMPLETELY. From last year PMLN has faced enough trouble to shake their lives, from Nawaz Sharif being disqualified to Kulsoom Nawaz being diagnosed with cancer the very next month. Previously, as a record Nawaz Sharif has not been able to complete any of his tenures. But this time it got worse, after him being disqualified and he has to leave his office; a year later he was disqualified for a lifetime. Which actually means that he can never again be the candidate for PMship.

After, the whole chaos where Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz were fined heavily and were jailed. Kulsoom Nawaz was shifted on a ventilator as her health deteriorated. In this whole situation, the kids of the family were attacked as well. Junaid Safdar was abused outside their London residency and he got into a bad fight.

Earlier, on Bakra eid someone leaked the photo of Junaid where was seen having a good light-hearted moment with his friends, in a not so very eid dress but rather in his is normal clothes.

After the photo circulated on the internet, he was badly bashed for having “fun” on eid while his parents are jailed and grandmother on the ventilator

Later, Junaid gave his statement as the other side of the story to let people know what is on the other side of the coin.

He spoke about how he too was struggling in this hard time;

“What you saw on my face was just a smile on Eid and you chose to criticise it. Little do you know that I have come to London to take my exams in circumstances that would’ve made you question your existence. I was raised by those who have seen hardship at every stage of their lives. It is nothing new. Allah Kareem.
There you go, another picture for you to criticise”

His stance came later after he saw the bashing over the internet

Junaid Safdar was seen to be having some emotional last hug after his mother was going to Pakistan to face the charges. And now the family is having a mourning time

What do you guys think?

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