Junaid Akram Set Up an Iftar Drive for the Minorities and We Love Him Even More!

If you don’t know who ‘Ganjiswag is, then you’re missing out a lot on social media. Now, if you’re a Pakistani and want to shake up your conscience, look up Junaid Akram, to know more about him and his work and how he has played his role in our society.

Junaid Akram is a rising stand-up comedian and social commentator and has got the right dose of his advice for everyone in his videos. He’s famous for his pet phrase ‘Khalli karao’, got famous on social media after he posted a series of his videos commenting on various social issues in his own peculiar way.

Junaid Akram

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In his videos, he has discussed issues that the general public can relate to, multiple times and they also make sense in the funniest way possible! That’s just his own way of conveying his message and thoughts, and they seem to absolutely love it!

This Ramadan, he recently set up an Iftar drive and took it to the National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases (NICVD), Jinnah Hospital, Karachi for the minorities. Junaid Akram had documented the whole day on his Snapchat, discussing equal rights for the minorities in Pakistan and how they are discriminated in our society.

With the rising racism, hypocrisy, and discrimination, Junaid Akram also told the audience how a small contribution can make a substantial difference to those who are in need; if done with the right intentions – no matter which cast and creed you belong to.

Watch the video here:

We totally appreciate the efforts of Junaid Akram and how he considered the minorities’ rights that the majority of us fail to notice today. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and may Allah reward him with the best.

Junaid Akram has set a wonderful example for the youth today, and he is now an inspiration for many!

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