Junaid Akram Seems Puzzled Over this Video of an ATM in Peshawar and It's Hilarious!

Junaid Akram Seems Puzzled Over this Video of an ATM in Peshawar and It’s Hilarious!

Seems like Karachi was under a curse last week with the unstoppable rain and with Eid around the corner, it was simply a dreadful thing to even think about especially during Bakra Eid. The severe rain in Karachi has also killed a few sacrificial animals and the Mandis were a big disaster which left the whole city in a turmoil, forcing everyone to stay indoors.And… on the brighter side, everyone was enjoying their mutton leg roast and BBQ!

However, to sum up, the last couple of weeks of Karachi in the perfect way, Junaid Akram aka GanjiSwag, a Pakistani standup comedian, who loves voicing his thoughts on his Facebook profile through videos recently posted another of his gems and have us all a good laugh! His reactions to a video of an ATM will make you fall off your chair. LOL. Anyway, besides that, whatever he says in his video ACTUALLY makes sense, although some people find it highly offensive, we love his rants! The video below will leave you in a fit of laughter.

Here’s the video and hold on to your seats!

Bakra Eid, Karachi ki baarish aur Sarahah fever

Bakra Eid madness, Karachi main baarish ka gund aur awaam ko charha Sarahah ka bukhaar. #BakraEid #SarahahFever #KhalliKarao Snapchat & Instagram: ganjiswag

Gepostet von Junaid Akram am Montag, 4. September 2017

Indeed, what Junaid has discussed in this video is exactly what is happening right now. The way he expresses what’s wrong with our society is truly hilarious, and we must say that he sure has the guts to talk about these issues be it political or not, openly in a public forum, which many refrain from talking about (publicly). We know that it is sure an eye-opener for many and highly offensive, but, guys, we just can’t deny the facts, right?

Why can’t we just work together to make this country a better place to live in so we don’t have to compare ourselves to well-developed, progressed countries in the first place? Why can’t we begin from smaller areas and work our way through progress? Instead, why do we get offended so easily? We know many fear that the government won’t do anything for the betterment of the country, but hey, we, as civilians have a responsibility too, remember? Let us know what are your thoughts on this and do you agree with Junaid on this?

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