Comedian Junaid Akram Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations Despite Proofs And Umm…

The #MeToo movement has taken the world by storm and it is no shocker how the Pakistani society, sooner than later, is finally turning a new leaf towards this movement. It is evident it will take a lot of time, perhaps years to come, to recondition our society’s mindset towards admitting that such things do exist and yes, men do exploit their power and their status.

The worldwide movement has allowed women to come forward and lately a lot of it is happening in India – following sexual harassment allegations made on AIB comedians, Varun Grover, Nana Patekarr and various more names.

Pakistani Women Are Coming Forward and Are Calling Out Junaid Akram for Sexual Harassment

It all started when journalist Rabia Anum Obaid shared the following tweet:

And People Were Quick to Guess Who She Was Talking About

Mainly because according to many, these and various other individuals were a target of Junaid Akram.

And Everyone Knew What Was Happening!

People Spoke Against Junaid Akram In April 2018 As Well

But No One Paid Attention to his Allegations Then

Among All the Allegations, According to those Sharing Stories, It Was Revealed that Junaid Akram Is a Married Man

And chose to hid his marriage on purpose while hinting on women that he is single. A girl claims that Akram did not harass her, but hid his marital status. After the two went on a couple of dates, Akram apologized to this girl when she would out about his relationship status:

Another Girl Came Forward and Shared that Junaid Akram Threatened her If She Came Forward With Everything that Happened

“I’m scared to come out in public from my real profile because he has threatened me multiple times.” The girl added that he has misbehaved with her on multiple occasions and forced himself on her. “He also hides that he has a wife and plays it safe as such conversations only happen on Snapchat. I later found out about her who is a divorcee. He is the step-father to her two children,”

For a day or two, while people were speaking against Junaid Akram, the comedian did not appear on social media.

However, In Two Tweets, Junaid Akram Denied All the Claims of Sexual Harassment Made on the Internet

The comedian cleared that all the allegations are false and that his legal team is on to it.

In a society where it is always the woman who gets thrashed, let’s hope we allow someone to come forward without any fear and find out the real story.

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