Azadi March Participants Set New Standards Of 'Passing Time'!

Azadi March Participants Set New Standards Of ‘Passing Time’!

Azadi Marchers Pass Time JUIF

Azadi March is in full-swing- literally. The participants of this march are set out on a long journey under the leadership of their ‘Quaid’, Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman. However, the followers of Maulana may not be as aware as one would think. Some journalists revealed the innocence of these marchers who didn’t know exactly why they were here. Moreover, most of them are completely clueless about the agenda they are serving. Such are the ground realities.

Speaking about ground realities; their long stay on the roads has led to massive boredom. One has to keep themselves entertained to pass the time and these Azadi March participants have set some high yet unusual standards.

Pass your time the dharna-participants-way!

We compiled a list of videos that are surely going to place a smile on your faces. These men are reviving old times where children would play outside and create new games of their own. These marchers have sure found their own peculiar ways to have a good time. See for yourself:

Kabaddi tournament selection underway?

They see us rotatin’ they hatin’! 

A little dance didn’t hurt no-body! Halal-dance though. 

Who hasn’t done this with their youngest sibling? JUIF making old-school look cool!

A little practice before the circus showdown? 

The song on this video is self-explanatory. These grown babies didn’t quite know how to ride this seesaw. 

Azadi March or a circus-show? Jokes aside, that’s a pretty impressive forward roll. 

The damp floors are the aftermath of heavy rainfall in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. But nothing is stopping these men from enjoying themselves. 

With such videos, the severity of the dharna drops several notches down and one wonders if these marchers were given an honest brief. Since they all seem completely clueless. 

All in all, contrary to what usually happens in dharnas, it was refreshing to see the participants keeping a low-key vibe and just enjoying themselves. However, the latest update on the actual matters revealed that the negotiations between the opposition and the government have failed.

However, Prime Minister Imran Khan has given orders to provide the poor dharna attendees with shelter after a heavy downpour in Islamabad. Sadly, they were suffering under the open sky with no proper shelters to keep themselves safe from the rain and cold.

Prime Minister Imran Khan shows kindness towards the struggles of Azadi Marchers post-heavy-rain in Islamabad!

Nonetheless, their spirits seem high and positive. They are only here because of their Quaid AKA Maulana Fazlur Rehman but what matters is their knowledge about the cause which doesn’t seem to be as clear as one would hope. Let’s see how this dharna pans out.

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