This 16-Year-Old Juice Seller From Multan Topped In Matric Exams & Is Now All Set To Fly High

multan juice seller matric topper

A photograph of a 16-year-old boy from Multan, Muhammad Huzaifa, is making rounds on the Internet. Why? Because this little boy is a juice seller in Multan and also a matric topper, he secured 1050 marks in his 2019 matriculation exam. Yes! This child got brilliant 1050 marks out of 1100 in his matriculation exam last year.

This extremely talented Huzaifa is a sole bread earner in his poor family and was forced to work as a fruit juice seller to feed his family.  He is a juice seller in Ghala Mandi area of Multan who is now a matric topper as well. Reportedly, he was offered a scholarship at a private college, but he could not quit his job.

However, in order to encourage the little kid to pursue higher education and live his dreams, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal has offered him financial assistance for his education and also for his family. As soon as the news went viral, Bait-ul-Mal approached him and promised the young boy the financial aid.

Managing Director of Bait-ul-Mal, Aon Abbas Buppi revealed that the welfare body reached out to the boy and his family. He also stated that they would provide financial support to this little juice seller of Multan, Huzaifa, as well to his family so Pakistan doesn’t lose this bright student and a matric topper.

Twitter in awe of Huzaifa

Many people on Twitter have been coming out to help Huzaifa to fulfill his dreams to get a quality education. Twitter is flooded with messages where many want to help him to make a difference for the country. Pakistanis are loving this kid for not complaining about the hardship in his life and doing his work with utmost honesty.

In Pakistani, many kids at this young age get involved in criminal activities due to poverty. However, many are also like Huzaifa who become a juice seller to support their family and education and becoming a matric topper.

Earlier, we came across an 8-year-old girl who became a tanker driver after his father suffered a stroke. Following the stroke, he got paralyzed. This left the little girl with no choice but to take the matters in her hands.  Her father sat beside her while she delivers water in one of the busiest areas of Karachi, SherShah.

However, Huzaifa’s thankful smile and glow of his eyes is the first glimpse of his foresight and success. We wish Huzaifa very good luck for his future. We hope that he keeps making the country and his family proud.


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