Jub Mardaan Ke Mard Met Multan Ki Qandeel

Mardaan boys and Multan’s Qandeel Baloch have taken over on social media, posting pictures and videos that have caused uproar on Pakistani social media. Whoever has seen their pictures or videos, is probably in a coma right now. All of Pakistan wishes them “get well soon”..

1. This is Pr3tTy bWoy Nauman


2. Challenging Him On Social Media Is Qandeel Baloch


3. Nauman Is Still The Most Popular Among Men

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4. Qandeel Sits And Wonders What To Do….

Khaberdaaar hoshiyar….Tambaaaaakuu noshiiiii ka anjammm mouth cancer…Tu plz plz smoking krna chor do Ager long life jeenaaaa hy tu …

Posted by Qandeel Baloch on Monday, May 11, 2015

5. Nauman’s Crown Is Secure

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6. Then Qandeel Drops Her Single

7. Nauman Admits Defeat

pizap.com14399873183161 copy

 Inko dekh ke mujhe bhi ab…

Nenuuu aa rahi hy…

Posted by Qandeel Baloch Official on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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