JS Bank Becomes First To Carry Out Safe-Ways Of Banking Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak


Coronavirus, the word on everyone’s lips, has paralyzed economies across the globe. The whole ecosystem seems to have fallen, succumbing to the mass isolation process. With 236 active and positive cases in Pakistan according to worldometers, all the stakeholders of the country’s economy need to show farsightedness and agility in action.

Almost 60 companies in Pakistan have announced their models of working from home, in a bid to secure both employees and customers. No bank is on this list, sadly. However, JS Bank has come up with a logical, sound and appreciable approach.

While other banks operate on a normal, usual model – JS Bank has taken the leap and initiative of encouraging its customers to bank from home. Instead of trying to profit off the situation, JS Bank has shown great humanitarian ways with this announcement.

The other day, a nationwide Twitter trend saw people from all walks of life applauding JS Bank for this laudable initiative. Under the banner of #JSBankFightsCorona and #BankFromHome, Pakistanis supported JS Bank’s cause and appreciated this move.

Sunaina was all for supporting this initiative

Precautions and encouragement are what we need!


All transactional charges waived off!

Pakistanis are loving this initiative!

No more waiting, no more interaction – let’s bank from home

Pakistan’s fastest-growing bank, JS Bank made sure it sent its message loud and clear. Encouraging customers to bank from home, JS further showed great etiquettes by waiving all charges on internet banking, mobile banking, and ATM banking. Certainly, at a time when people are trying to profit off this woeful situation, JS Bank is actually showing that customers come first!

Moreover, JS Bank has also started an awareness initiative directing its customers to practice social distancing and avoid visiting any JS Bank branch – to help curb this deadly disease.

This news was spread across all forums through JS Bank’s official social media accounts. Their customer-centric approach has surely made us believe that JS Bank has its priorities set straight. Instead of focusing on profiting, sometimes, realization and action are more important.

Kudos to the team of JS Bank for becoming Pakistan’s first bank to hold a firm stance in these tough times. Parhlo, wholeheartedly, backs JS Bank’s logical approach and urges the bank’s customers to #BankFromHome.

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