WATCH: Journalist Blasts Shahbaz Gill After He Says ‘Ap Mera Rishta Laye Hain?’

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It seems like Dr. Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan is unable to give worthwhile responses and has resorted to insulting journalists as a reply.

During a press conference when a journalist asked some hard-hitting questions, Gill unable to give a clear response attacked the journalist with ill-chosen replies.


The journalist asked Shahbaz, “There is a campaign running against you on social media. Are you a citizen of any country other than Pakistan? Also, you have been accused of harassment. What do you have to say about that”?

Rather than addressing the issue with dignity, Gill addressed the questions with some ill-mannered responses.

Shahbaz rudely replied, “Do you want to send ‘rishta’  for me?”

As the reply was truly unacceptable, the journalist, after the press conference, cornered Gill’s car and asked him for clarification.

Gill accessing the situation then responded, “I don’t want to debate with you on this issue.”

The journalist got really offended by his indifferent response and demanded that he should apologize for the rude comments.

“We ask questions. It is our right to ask questions,” the journalist said.

Watch the video here:


As Shahbaz tried to drive away, other journalists chanted slogans of shame.

Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier this year appointed Gill as his special assistant on political communication. He also worked as a spokesperson of the Punjab government previously. He rose to fame for his active and vocal role as the spokesperson for Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

Gill has a doctorate in leadership and management. The PTI l leader has also taught in several universities across the country. Gill has authored multiple publications. However, he must also learn how to behave with people, we believe.

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