First Harass, Then Apologize – Ayesha Binte Rashid Accuses Ali Noor of Sexual Harassment

The rockstar and musician that gave his fans some of the most powerful songs to live with it. He’s now been accused of sexual harassment and it’s roaming all over the internet.

That person is none other than Ali Noor, who’s been the lead vocalist for a band for Noori, has been called ‘womanizer and predator’ by the journalist Ayesha Binte Rashid.

Source: The News International

Ayesha took some time and managed to bring this whole drama to Ali Noor. She also shared screenshots of her messages to Ali Noor where she has brought up the whole thing. On Friday, Ayesha shared everything and spread it all over the news outlet.

Not only that, but Ali Noor has also responded to her and shared her message too. According to him, it’s an eye-opener for him.

Ayesha accused Ali Noor of sexual harassment – Screenshots and long messages

Ayesha personally messaged him, before making it a public conference. She wrote, “You emotionally manipulated me and what happened in the back of my car while driving to the airport was sexual harassment.


You’re a sexual harasser and a predator.” She goes on to say that she does not wish to publicly come forward with the accusations because she respects Noor’s brother Ali Hamza, as well as drummer Kami Paul, who has been associated with the band Noori.

She also claimed that she’s been threatened to sabotage her friendship with Paul. But she came clean and already shared her story to Kami and parted ways.  She has “no interest in having people in her life who fraternize with harassers”.

Ayesha further said, “[You have a] God complex who is all talk yet doesn’t have the proactiveness to break out of his toxic patterns.”

A letter to Nano by Ali Noor

Ayesha just shared her message but didn’t disclose Ali Noor’s messages that he has done initially. It has come out that, Ayesha blocked his number, then he contacted her via her wife’s number where he’s been thanking Ayesha for bringing this thing up.

Source: The News

Noor took this matter to his personal Instagram account where he addressed the whole situation in a letter that he dedicated to his NANO, where he claims that Ayesha didn’t share all of his replies.

Noori said, “Today, I put the teaser and release date of the video and the son but as I was doing that, I got a message from newspapers that I have been accused of #MeToo by Ayesha Binte and my screenshots and apologies have been put up. She didn’t put all of them and that’s sad.”

Source: Instagram

He goes on to add, “I even suggested I should be hanged and executed publicly. She simply wasn’t taking me seriously. Anyway, I am so glad she finally put it out.”

 “Oh man, I am completely devastated. I am hating myself, you are right and sometimes one needs a mirror to see. I couldn’t agree more. I swear as I read this I don’t want to live. I am truly your culprit and I am willing to pay any punishment.

Source: Instagram

All I can say is that my life has taken a turn that I never could imagine and your message is truly a sign from God for me to see my truth. And yes, I am paying a very very hefty price for my ego, my God complex… I have never been this miserable and yes you are right my inability to change myself is dawning as true reality.”

That’s not the first time any singer in Pakistan accused of sexual abuse. No one can forget, Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s sexual accuse saga where Meesha accused Ali Zafar of sexually harassing her became the headline.

I am not a sexual predator – Ali Noor

He allegedly goes on to tell her: “You also know that I am not a sexual predator but this direction of the life of mine could turn me into that and worse and My God I am so scared. Your message is the hardest hit I have ever had in my… I’ve truly lost my innocence and I will have to read it for the rest of my life and live with it, what have I done? All I can say is, Ayesha, I am truly your gunehgaar.

Source: Instagram

 You are one of the most sincere, real, and genuine people I know. You know the truth is I had completely blocked this from my mind …which only goes to show how f***** up I am… You’re innocence and honesty were the most adorable thing on the trip and man what the fuck did I do.

I am taking full responsibility, both publicly and privately. Whatever your decision for punishment is, I will not dare to talk of my good or not so bad intentions here but if you check with your heart you might find some space for my folly, I have to make this right. Tell the whole world to get me arrested, hanged, but please don’t hate me.”

He also shared another post in which he said, “This is no PR ploy to promote a new single. This is serious sh** and will have to be addressed… I don’t mind being called the worst person on Earth… but people around me are getting concerned and hurt and I hate to cause strife to anyone including Rashid.”

Source: The News

“This is pissing me off,” he added, urging that he be allowed to release his upcoming song in ‘peace’ on February 22.

“Till then, everyone please calm down and sends me hate mail instead,” he said.

Fans reaction

Soon the whole picture was shared, fans have started sharing their views and Noor’s name became trending.

Another user shared, “Not only does this expose a narcissist but also the fact that #metoo allegations are no big deal in our country! He’s talking about it like it’s a massage appointment that he’ll schedule when he’s free. Let’s wait a bit and some journalist in Dubai will be calling him a victim.”

One of the users wrote, “This latest #MeToo case exposes so many Desi men who are incapable of accepting harassment even exists.

#AliNoor actually admitted it in his own post. If you don’t believe the victim or the perpetrator then your denial probably stems from your own experience as a harasser.”

One user said that such accusers take allegations as a badge of honor. ” ts like these people have started taking harassment allegations as a badge of honor. This is what happens when there is no social boycott, no accountability, no financial losses, no legal consequences. #AliNoor

One user wrote, “Why is Ali Noor acting like being a harasser is some soulful hipster thing?”  While another user wrote, “Ugh. Turns out Ali Noor is also a predator. All our childhood stars turning out to be absolute trash.”

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