If a Husband is helping his Wife in cleaning the Home, He is not a "Joru Ka Ghulam"

If a Husband is helping his Wife in cleaning the Home, He is not a “Joru Ka Ghulam”

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The aim of this article is to change the mindset of our people regarding jobs and duties assigned to males. Are males only born to work outside the home and earn money? Is it their only duty to order around females?

Is it alright if a woman does all the household chores alone and her man lies down on the bed feeling relaxed and free because he has finished his duty? It is believed that looking after the home is only a woman’s duty. My question is, why?

Let’s look at it from a different perspective. We say that husbands and wives are partners for life. We say that Allah has created a couple in order to function well by helping, cooperating each other. We say that woman can work if she wants. We say that woman can work in order to support her husband. But what if the husband helps her out with house chores?

Source: One Pakistan

What if the husband wants to divide the house chores with his wife? Our so-called, well-educated society calls such husbands, ‘joru ka ghulam’. Is this something very wrong or forbidden? There are so many questions in my mind!

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What I concluded after observing so many things is that we need to put an end on this ‘joru ka ghulam’ statement. We need to tell men that helping their wives is something appreciable. We need to tell men that there is no shame in doing such things. We need to bring up our children in order to prepare them to accept that women are not only responsible, but they both of them are.

Home is not just a place where a tired man, after hours of duty, visits to take some rest, have some food and sleep, but home is something that’s made with love and which is truly a responsibility for both the partners.

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