Don’t Say Anything Bad About Afghanistan – John Abraham Recalls Shooting Incidents Of Kabul Express Shooting

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There are a lot of Bollywood movies have been released based on terrorism and Afghanistan in the past decade. But one movie shared a new perspective of Kabul in the year 2006 when Kabir Khan’s director emerged and made Kabul Express with John Abraham in Afghanistan.

It was a film that gave a new direction to one of the rising actors at that time John Abraham who was popular as a romantic handsome boy. In a recent interview with the Indian newspaper, John and Kabir shared some insight details regarding the shooting of Kabul Express.

Source: Express Tribune

There are a lot of incidents that took place because at that time shooting in Kabul wasn’t a cup of tea for anyone. The Dhoom actor opened up on how the Taliban ‘threatened’ him and the cast and crew of the film.

John Abraham and Kabir Khan shared Kabul Express shooting details in Afghanistan after 13 years

The Lakeer actor told Mashable India, “There were no social media at that time. When I was leaving Afghanistan, Afghan people told me John Jaan whatever you do, don’t say anything bad about Afghanistan.

And today I want to say on record that Afghan people are the most beautiful, loveliest people in the world, amazing hospitality. Really lovely people, superb people.”

Source: India Today

He also recalled the time when he was staying at the house f Mohammad Najibullah, former President of Afghanistan, while he was filming for his film.

He said, “It was an UN-approved hotel. I came to the terrace to have tea, and this rocket came from the front and hit the US consulate. Condoleezza Rice used to be the US foreign secretary to the state in Afghanistan at the time.

It was Afghanistan’s way of telling her that they are not happy with the Americans here. There was another incident where a suicide bomber had blown themselves up just six hours before we reached this location. It was quite an experience.”

Source: Pinkvilla

The director Kabir Khan was attacked at Karachi Airport for making the anti-Pakistani film “Phantom” in 2016. He also shared some details regarding the Kabul Express shooting, according to him there was more security personnel than crew members on the location.

“I was told by the Indian ambassador in Kabul that there was a five-man death squad sent by the Taliban. Everybody was pretty nervous. The Taliban wanted to send a message that you cannot have a normal life here. But the Afghan government helped. They gave us 60 armed commandos and we used to roll around in 35 SUVs. We looked like a militia,” he said.

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