Corona Virus Career Advice: Best Way To Work From Home And Remote Jobs

Work from home is now the reality for several workers around the world due to the spread of coronavirus. You may feel navigating remote work if your employer has unexpectedly shut down.

During this time, some of the biggest challenges for employees include time management, loneliness, and communication among staff members.

Apart from that, educational institutes such as colleges and schools have also shut down throughout the world. In such an adverse scenario, finding an optimum strategy could help you to make it through.

In this article, we provide you some career tips on the best to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic:

Learn A New Skill

There are some skills which you can’t learn while being at home. However, there are some valuable activities which you can do while working from home, such as completing the online course which you once started but never finished off.

You can also learn new skills by reading any useful self-improvement book.

Promote Your Work Online

During this pandemic, you can also consider about how you can promote your business through online digital marketing.

For instance, you can consider reviewing your website thoroughly for any important updates or writing an article about any trending subject or posting a useful video on YouTube regarding any of your important research work or even setting up a Twitter profile for a similar purpose.

All in all, you can basically use this valuable time by sharing your useful work and eventually connecting with other similar researchers, because in such crucial times, social media can be used as a very effective tool in forming a user interaction and communication with other similar researchers.

Revisit That Long Forgotten Project

It is also possible that you might have some useful stuff in your computer’s file system, in the form of an unpublished data or unfinished manuscript.

If you go through that stuff carefully then eventually you might be able to figure out that it could, in fact, be publishable.

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Think About Your Career Plans While Work From Home

When you are at the workplace, it is easy to primarily focus on your tasks and neglect long-term career planning. As a result, utilize this remote working opportunity to explore your future career options.

You can read books about career planning and take tests related to career options with online job simulations or even use free introspection tools. These things can help you to reflect on the skills you possess and think about your future direction.

Indulge Into Recreational Activities

A benefit of working from home is that, at least for the time being, you don’t have to spend time commuting to work. You can reallocate this time in doing something that could bring you joy and boost your mood.

You can think back to the time before you went to college and think about any extra-curricular activities that you participated in. You can also think of an old hobby that you may pick up again at this time.

Create A Graphical Abstract Of Your Research

Even though creating graphical summaries such as easy to follow pictorial summaries of the key findings of your research work takes up some time, however, because of the fact that these are very convenient illustrative for the readers.

Hence these can be used effectively to communicate your research work to your targeted audience.

After successfully creating these graphical summaries, you can display them on your research papers and presentation slides and then can promote them on various social media platforms so that they could ultimately reach to the targeted audience.

And this way, you would eventually be able to successfully enhance your personal brand.

Apply For Funding

You can browse through the internet and look for grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

Instead of applying on the general websites, consider applying on websites where you could find industry awards because by doing so, you would be able to find and apply for small size funding which would eventually be suitable for your research work.

In case if you won’t be able to receive any grant, you still won’t lose out anything from this process because this ultimately will facilitate you in enhancing your grant writing skills.

Conduct Informational Interviews

If you do have an idea about jobs that may interest you, then you should take this time for reaching out to professionals that are currently performing those jobs.

There is a possibility that the individuals that you want to speak to may well be working remotely too. You can seek advice from them through a Skype chat or quick phone call.

You can also conduct informational interviews as they can be a good way of breaking isolation. This will help you to learn about the career of these individuals and create a strong network while maintaining social distance.

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