The JIT Delayed Announcing the Results of Panama Case and Pakistanis Are Furious!

The Panama Leaks and JIT findings are the major buzzes of the day, given how Pakistanis were looking forward to seeing how this entire fiasco may end. The Sharif clan, including the sons Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz and the daughter Maryam Nawaz, were questioned, asked for money trail and other additional information which could either prove them guilty or otherwise.

The result was due today – out of the 10 volumes of the report given by JIT, 9 are to be released for public whereas the 10th volume will be used for further investigation. The 10th volume alongside the other volumes is delayed for further one week release, due on the 17th of July 2017.

Before any legal, verified announcement was made, two leading news outlets of Pakistan, the News and Jhang announced the results, claiming that PM Nawaz is free of any guilt and his sons Hussain and Hassan Nawaz are guilty of corruption.

Supreme Court while reacting to these false reports issued these new outlets contempt of court notification.

The news outlets ‘leaking’ such reports created a chaos among the masses which were questioning not only their professionalism but also had doubts regarding the JIT.

All of this emerged as nothing, but a political gamble!

Pakistanis are Also Furious on How One Chapter will Not be Made Public, and On What Grounds Will this Happen

There was a lot of questioning regarding the evidence tampering, as they found the closing remarks regarding the Sharif cases, where written in back date was 2013 mentioned) which, however, was written in 2016.

Speculations rose to how the JIT managed to gather the evidence (as shown on TV) in just a few days. The gathered evidence is said to be from different countries of the Arab nations.

Additionally, however, the evidence gathered by JIT does not match the evidence which was given by the Sharif family.

The Same Qatari Prince who Denied Testifying for the Sharif Family

As the famous saying says, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, let’s see how things turn out to be on Monday, the 17th of July!


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