Jibran Nasir Gives a Cracking Reply to This Columnist Who Says "Women Provoke Men to Rape Them"

Jibran Nasir Gives a Cracking Reply to This Columnist Who Says “Women Provoke Men to Rape Them”

The whole epidemic of Zainab’s tragic has revealed shocking insights about the mindsets of people. There’s a division of opinion: on one hand, Pakistanis strongly suggest child abuse and rape is the result of lack of proper sex education, while, some actually believe this not to be a case.

It has allowed many people to speak up, addressing the whole matter with respect to their individual opinions. Every day, we come across talk shows where journalists host religious preachers, politicians, lawmakers and social activists to talk about it. Meanwhile, a renowned columnist, Orya Maqbool Jan, who happens to be a familiar face on TV also suggests his opinion.

Source: siasat.pk

Orya Maqbool Jan holds a reputation for being the most sexist person in Pakistan. His outrageous remarks and opinions which are outright reflected in his columns make him a very controversial personality. We urge to ask that how is this guy allowed to make an appearance on TV when everyone knows that any time he may produce a comment that is completely sexist and outrageous. With that being said, Orya Maqbool Jan addressed the dilemma of rape and child abuse and according to him, it is women who provocatively dress, step out of their house and this is what leads to men attacking them.

No one in their right mind can gulp down that comment by Orya Maqbool, which is why you need to see what Jibran Nasir says:

What the columnist suggests is absolute gibberish, perhaps of the lowest level. Jibran Nasir absolutely schooled him and it could not have been any better. Jibran produces a logical statement saying that these sexual predators know that children are too afraid to talk about it and many parents would downright blame them for it instead.

Perhaps, Mr. Orya does not realize how much of an influence he holds, although we question why does he in the first place? Jibran Nasir’s reply is what everyone needs to know.

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