This Post On Facebook Is Making Everyone Curious And People Really Want To Crack The Mystery

Have you ever come across a person or a situation that puts you on a curve and tingles your brainpower? You just can’t stop thinking about it. You feel as if something’s amiss. Let’s see if the same happens to you! (Finger crossed)

Last night, I was in a similar situation where I came across something that captured my attention. So, going through the official Easypaisa Facebook page, they have posted a GIF where they are blatantly telling people “Pehlay Jhoot Lagay Ga”. This particular post caught my attention and got me thinking what could this be all about.

Posted by Easypaisa on Monday, October 15, 2018



They have used some super-cool imagery that reminds me of “stranger things”, is it connected to it? I don’t know! What I know is, I am intrigued about what exactly it is. Probably something BIG is coming up? GAHHHH!


Pehlay Jhoot Laggay Ga – Aur Phir? (Yikes)

Tell us what you think of this? Help me solve this piece of the puzzle!

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