Comedian Jeremy McLellan Trolled An Indian Girl Over His Love For Biryani And Pakistan

Comedian Jeremy McLellan Trolled An Indian Girl Over His Love For Biryani And Pakistan

For the last few months, the only comedian that is stacking fame from the Pakistani audience does not belong to the country. Yes, we’re talking about our very own brother from another country, Jeremy McLellan.

Jeremy’s presence on social media, both Twitter and Facebook, have made him a celebrity in Pakistan. The reason? He loves the country and defends it whenever he gets a chance.


Jeremy’s recent visit to Pakistan became the talk of the town after he persuaded the world to believe how safe Pakistan was and how friendly were the people who lived here. On top of that, Jeremy kinda has his allegiances placed in the right direction when it comes to India vs Pakistan.

Recently, on Twitter, Jeremy cracked a joke on Biryani, after the US President Donald Trump tweeted about a better relationship with Pakistan. Jeremy was quick to pounce on the chance and made a hysterical joke out of the blue, stating that Trump’s changed nature is due to him having the ever so tasty Pakistani Biryani.

With thousands of retweets from his fans and supporters, there was bound to be a conflict of interest somewhere. Sadly, one Indian girl had to bear the brunt of Jeremy’s wit and love for Pakistan.

One ‘extra’ smart Indian girl tried to second question Jeremy’s love for Pakistan by stating that Biryani had been around for a long time, while Pakistan was only 70 years old. For a fact, she should know, that Biryani even in India, was introduced by Muslims — The Mughals. However, Jeremy took this as an opportunity to troll her.

And from there on Jeremy’s Pakistani cortege of supporters was enough to handle the trolling. Some claimed that it was ironical that a country with a beef ban was trying to claim copyrights to Biryani, while others said that Indians needed to check their history — stating that Biryani was indeed a Muslim invention.

Whatever the case may be, it is safe to say that Jeremy McLellan is 100% Pakistani. People have gone to the extent of saying that the government of Pakistan should offer him honorary citizenship because of his love for Pakistan. What do you think?

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