Jeremy McLellan At It Again – Teaches a Pakistan Man The Real Meaning of “Run Mureed”

Ever since Jeremy McLellan came to Pakistan, the people of the country love him and well, he loves us back. The man has actively spoken for Pakistan while using his public position and status in a positive manner.

He visited the main areas of the country and well, we are glad he loved the country and unlike many Americans, Jeremy shared such positive remarks regarding Pakistan.

Now that Jeremy has created many fans in Pakistan, he continuous to interact with them off and on.

Fans in Pakistan Love him for all The Right Reasons


So anyway, Jeremy, while hinting how he still gets interaction from Pakistani fans shared how we have different names to call our wives. Some call them biwi, some begum, some just by their names.

So Here’s What he Tweeted

On the Other Hand, Pakistanis Shared More Names To Call the Wife

Oh Yes!

Pretty Long List Indeed


So One Pakistani, he Just Had to Ruin the Mood

The common thinking among Pakistani is that if a husband loves his wife too much, he is a Run Mureed. He is considered as a disciple of his wife and in short, thallay laga Hua hai biwi k.

So this Pakistani man said that husbands can also be called Run Mureed.

And Jeremy Gave an Absolute Fitting Response!

Call it Zan Mureed or Run Mureed, the idea is pretty clear. It is a pity indeed that even in this modern century, people have such mentality that they deprive someone of love only because they think it could reduce their highly prestigious image.

As far as Jeremy is concerned, just glad to see the guy continuous spreading love and joy and showing to people what love actually means.

See you soon in Pakistan, Jeremy! We are all looking forward!

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