Jeremy McLellan's Lighthearted Jab At Prince William Is Hilarious!

Jeremy McLellan’s Lighthearted Jab At Prince William Is Hilarious!

Jeremy McLellan the unofficial spokesperson of Pakistan, online defender of our country and biryani lover, has made a special place in our hearts. His witty humor, love for our country and jabs at India made him quite a famous personality on social media. Additionally, the stand-up comedian consistently shows his support for Pakistan and his recent attempt at learning the Urdu language alongside his baby daughter Jewell through an online translator melted everyone’s heart.

Recently, with the arrival of the British royal couple to Pakistan has created a wave of memes and Jeremy didn’t sit still at the chance.

Jeremy Mclellen

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McLellan took a light jab at himself and Prince William at the same time; classic.

He is a comedian after all and his humor didn’t fail to entertain this time around as well. He called Prince William out for copying everything he does and then list down sone hilarious points.

“Tired of Prince William copying everything I do. Losing his hair, marrying someone more attractive, visiting Pakistan. This has to stop.”

He then followed this up by another tweet:

Jeremy’s joke was met with a plethora of teases from the Pakistani community and they couldn’t help but joke about Jeremy being jealous. However, that is clearly not the case and we all know what a good sport this lad is. Jeremy’s affinity with Pakistan dates back to his days before he became a comedian. He worked with intellectually disabled children and adults which included Pakistani clients that were Muslims as well; this is when he started to discover more about the country and its dominant religion that later in 2017, made him visit.

Pakistanis reacted to Jeremy’s joke about Prince William and reassured him of his place!

Jeremy the Pakistani Stallion!

Pakistanis reassure him his place is irreplaceable. However, they want the British Royal goodness to visit and love Pakistan as well.

Some remind him he is above all foreigners that love Pakistan. “They both are state guests but you are lord of our hearts” 

‘Unless’ Prince William visit more often then Jeremy’s place is up for grabs by his highness. LOL

The Pindi boy obviously has more rights over Pakistanis’ hearts than someone who is just visiting. Right?

Whoops! Someone took it to heart and is of the opinion that the visits should not stop as they showcase how peaceful and beautiful Pakistan is. But hey, Jeremy has done a lot to enforce this positive image of Pakistan. So props to him as well. 

This man rose up to every occasion and defended Pakistan against the Indian keyboard warriors, slating them with his impeccable humor. His account is a breath of fresh air and you just cannot miss it. His humor continues to garner more desi fans and even Prince William or Harry cannot replace him from within our hearts!

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