Jeremy McLellan Gives This Woman a Cracking Reply to an Extremely Ignorant Tweet by Her

Propaganda is the wheel that drives the mainstream spectrum of certain news in the media. Islam and Muslims have been victims of propaganda that has been far spread for years, conditioning the minds of people to believe the unbarred falsehood.

For years, some part of western media has been advocating against the religious freedom of Muslims. People in the west have believed what they have been normally told through major media outlets. However, there is a large group of the western community that has now recognized this major loophole in the system of news. One of the best examples is Jeremy McLellan, a US-based comedian who recently visited Pakistan and has a fair share of love for our country.


Meanwhile, a Canadian-Saudi Arabian human rights activist made the following tweet that has sparked massive controversy.

She blatantly targets the religious group here. Her ignorance can be well seen and she clearly needs some solid piece of information.

Here is our favourite gora, Jeremy McLellan, who has been knocking sense into people since 2017 or before

There’s a major revelation in his words for the ignorant mind.

We absolutely adore how Jeremy jumps in like a superhero and teaches ignorant people a good lesson. He dares to defend many aspects of our culture, religion, etc., with such a positive attitude.

This is one of the reasons why he is loved by millions of Pakistan, besides his impeccable comedy!

Although this is not the first time he has played the good-guy on Twitter but the intensity of how it continues to amaze and inspire us, will probably never get old.

Somebody send Jeremy McLellan a full platter of chicken biryani all the way from Karachi for being an absolute legend!

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