Jeremy McLellan’s Hilarious Updates on Social Media Made the NA120 Elections Very Exciting

Jeremy McLellan is a man every Pakistani adores. The comedian has come a long way in winning our hearts. We found about him for posting hilarious status updates on Facebook relevant to the local and global political spectrum as well as the trending news.

Just recently, Jeremy McLellan visited Pakistan. He toured the capital Islamabad and Lahore and coincidentally, a special occasion as the Independence Day coincided with his stay in the country. He was seen joining in celebrations around the town he was staying. The tour led him to learn immensely about the culture, heritage, the past, and present of Pakistan in every aspect. In fact, he could answer almost anything relevant to the current affairs.

via Facebook

Jeremy McLellan kept us entertained during the #NA120 elections yesterday

How does he even bring such stuff?


Maybe… Just maybe

This is basically all of us

WOW. Even I wasn’t that intrigued

#Calibri – never forget


Everyone is asking me whether I think PTI or PMLN will win today in Lahore. I'm guessing Begum Kulsoom will win (even…

Posted by Jeremy McLellan Comedy on Saturday, September 16, 2017

You don’t need to be either party’s supporter to enjoy his jokes. They are so much relevant and on-point. It baffles us to think how he comes up with such creativity and relate to an actual scenario. We simply have a heap of praise for the comedy he pulls off every now and then. It’s nice to catch up with Jeremy McLellan on such subjects and we want him to continue on and on.

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