Jeremy McLellan Is Now Interested In Learning Urdu & Pakistanis Are Helping Him In Hilarious Ways!

The world knows the hospitality guts Pakistanis have and the breathtaking sights Pakistan has to offer. In the last few years, a huge number of foreigners have visited the country, gathered amazing moments to cherish them for life. Many famous international vloggers have also captured the beauty of Pakistan for others to see.

Jeremy McLellan and his Urdu trial!

Some time back, the most awesome gora on this planet came to Pakistan and since then he has become the most loved foreign personality in the country. Jeremy McLellan, who visited Pakistan a few years back and loved every bit of the country is now ready to learn the Urdu language and Pakistanis are helping him out.

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This is what he posted on his official Twitter recently!

The American stand-up comedian and the US Ambassador to the Pindi Boyz, Jeremy McLellan is busy learning Urdu these days. In the video posted by Jeremy, he and his adorable little daughter Jewell can be seen learning the Urdu language by an internet translator. Along with his daughter, Jeremy was encoding the most important desi ‘chai ritual’ from English to Urdu so that he can enjoy his next Pakistan visit to the fullest. Well, after India’s infamous hero Abhinandan’s ‘tea was fantastic’, this time too, Pakistan’s chai took the lead.

Further, he tweeted that he already knows a few Urdu words and slangs but not fully learned the language. His previous visits in Pakistan sure made him realized the favorite, most used words by any desi woman are ‘acha’ and ‘theek hai’ and he’s sure that these words will cover a major part for Jewell’s Urdu learning.

This is what Jeremy further tweeted!

Calling out his Pakistani fans and followers, Jeremy wrote that he’ll keep posting videos on his take on the Urdu language and asked to advise him on them, or even make fun of him. Pakistanis were thrilled to see this post and obviously, offered to help and even compared Jeremy’s Urdu with other famous Pakistani names.

For sure!

That can work!

Limited Time Offer!

Thanks for the help!

On point!

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We wish Jeremy and Jewell best of luck for their Urdu learning and Pakistanis help him out!

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