Shaniera and Jeremy Slam This Journalist’s Ignorant View on “Goras” in Pakistan and Won Us Over

It’s evident that Jeremy McLellan and Shaniera Akram hold a pretty high status in Pakistan for every reason except being foreigners. Shaniera is the wife of a legend in Cricket and has charmed every Pakistan with her positive sense and proactive impulse about everything.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is like a celebrity. The stand-up comedian never ceases to charm us with his impeccable humor, his love for Pakistan and yes, BIRYANI! Pretty much this could all be the reason why people respect him so much. On the other hand, a journalist on Twitter sparked a huge debate regarding the status of “Goras” (white people) in Pakistan. It all happened when he presumed a fake propaganda spread by PTI member regarding Imran Khan’s sons.

A PTI member tried to show IK’s sons traveling like ordinary citizens but this journalist thinks it’s a propaganda

How? Well, he has a very outrageous claim about Rawal Lounge where Imran Khan’s sons can be seen. He thinks it’s a VIP corner, only reserved for the privileged.

Shortly after this tweet was posted, people called out on him for his baseless theory and clarified that the Rawal Lounge is not a VIP place.

Here. We. Go.

People enlightened this gentleman of the apparent truth… Here’s another one:

Jeremy McLellan jumped on the bandwagon and revealed his experience lounging at this place



What’s “VIP” about that, eh?

Enough said!

The debate wasn’t ended there. The journalist thought he probably had a chance and perhaps the matter wasn’t laid to rest. So, he came with another outrageous claim of white people having a supreme status in Pakistan. Thus, the entitlement of all privileges (according to him).

Here he goes again:


Anyone with a little bit of reason knows that the above-mentioned comment is rather too personal. Shaniera Akram definitely took notice of what was happening here and absolutely left no chance to clear some air.

Here is Shaniera Akram 101:

Shaniera’s reply is a pretty strong one. She makes a staggering statement, certainly, one would love her even more for those beautiful words. But it’s not done yet…

Presenting, Jeremy McLellan 101:

So, it took 2 Goras to actually remind a local of the whole truth. Not to forget, the extra mile they go in taking ownership and showing love for this country; it’s incomparable!

Let’s give it up one more time for Jeremy McLellan and Shaniera Akram for their humor, wit and most of all, sense.

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