Jeremy ‘Khan’ McLellan Shares Pictures of Being Imran Khan’s Son and It Is Hilarious

If you are politically unaware of the Pakistani politics these days, just log onto your Twitter account and visit Jeremy McLellan’s profile. The American-representative of the Pindi boys keeps himself updated with the Pakistani politics and makes sure he shows his support for the politicians he seems can bring the much-needed change in the country.

Look At his Newborn Mimicking Nawaz Sharif Here

Or he actually made us see it that way…

And See the Daughter Wearing Traditional Pakistani Dress

Looks absolutely adorable here!!!

Jeremy Had a Number of Things to Say During the Reham Khan Fiasco As Well

When Reham’s book came out, Jeremy was one of those who made sure to comment on it the way it deserves.

And Here’s His Take on the Future


On a Serious Note, He is Also Quite Concerned About the Conditions In Pakistan Lately

Going back to the comments he made on his association with Imran Khan as per Reham Khan (which obviously he was joking), Jeremy McLellan just revealed the truth we had all been waiting for.

Jeremy Shared the Proof of Being Imran Khan’s Son…

And one cannot stop laughing!

And Look at What Pakistanis Had to Say


Hasn’t Changed One Bit :’)

On a lighter note, off and on comedy addition by Jeremy is always a good boost to settle the political tensions in our country.

We cannot wait to welcome Jeremy once again to Pakistan. You never know – he might get the chance to meet Imran Khan while he is the prime minister of the country…

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