Jemima Savagely Jokes about Imran Khan In a Tweet and It Has Got Everyone Laughing!

Jemima Goldsmith and Imran Khan are one perfect example of how you remain on good terms with your ex. On a serious note, they put up a good example of if you are no longer with a person, you can still be on better terms with them.

It was reflected during the Panama-bandwagon when the Sharif family lodged a case against PTI chieftain Imran Khan to prove his credibility in court. It was his ex-wife, Jemima, who presented with a valid evidence which progressively went in his favor. Besides, the love she has for Pakistan and its people, the support for the cause of Imran and let’s not forget, the continual banter of she defending Imran against the opposition lot on social media.

Source: The Sun

It goes without saying but Pakistanis really want them back together, but let’s keep that to them and them only! Meanwhile, if you happen to live on Twitter, you definitely know Jemima Goldsmith’s account is almost a must-follow profile. I mean, how can you miss the interestingly witty things she always has to say? Once again, she went on saying things, indirectly joked about her former husband and it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on!

It started out this way… She makes a lot of sense here, though!

Take note, guys… this could be a life hack, seriously


You don’t get to see such things on a daily basis. This is quality banter from a woman admired by millions and we are just going to leave it here for you.

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