Jemima Gives ‘Shabash’ To Pakistani Cab Driver For Calmly Tackling A British Racist

Jemima goldsmith cab driver

On Wednesday, CJ Werleman shared a video on his official Twitter account. In the video, a British man was poking and misbehaving with a Pakistani driver. The British man discriminately bashed the cab driver who was absolutely calm. Recently, Jemima Gold Smith praised the driver and tweeted about him. She is the former wife of PM Imran Khan.

The video of racial profiling made rounds on social media. consequently, Jemima retweeted the video. She said, “Shabash & respect to this Pakistani-British cab driver keeping his cool in the face of unspeakable racist abuse from a grotesque thug.”

It is not the first time that Jemima stood for Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Muslims in the UK

Muslims across Britain are accustomed to facing such racial remarks; especially, Pakistanis due to the fear of Islamophobia and hatred against the land of pure. The video depicts, the manners of the Pakistani cab driver and the attitude of a mentally distorted British man.

Amazingly, the cold attitude and bearing of the misbehavior of the cab driver did not go in vain.

People on social media praised the cab driver and lambasted the British man. Hopefully, authorities will take action against the ill-mannered man on harassment and racial discrimination charges.


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