Jemima Is In Fits Over Pakistan’s Never-Ending Obsession With Her & PM Khan

Jemima PM Khan obsession

British screenwriter, producer, and former journalist Jemima Goldsmith is one of the most loved former bhabhis, and if Pakistanis can stan a cross-cultural union in marriage, a cinematic depiction seems thrilling. Many people are not yet ready to let go of their obsession over the former relationship of Jemima with PM Imran Khan.

Despite the many feathers she adorned in her cap, Goldsmith is mostly remembered for her former relationship with the Pakistani premier. Regrettably, this makes her Twitter a goldmine for unwarranted memes and often unsolicited advice, irrespective of whatever she tweets about.

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A case in point is her latest tweet about Wordle, a daily word game, where she simply shared her score without knowing what it will attract.

If you have been on Twitter in the past week or two, you may have noticed a rise in people posting Tetris-like blocks made up of yellow, green, and grey squares. The graphic is usually accompanied by two random numbers and the made-up word, “Wordle”.

Wordle is a daily word game that gives users just one round of play per day, it has become widely popular. Goldsmith also appears to actively play the word game.

“Wordle 220 2/6” she tweeted on Tuesday.

“Please Return Imran khan is nothing without you, [he is] being fooled by his friends,” read one of the responses. “Bhabi, we miss you,” another added. “Loads of love, respect, regards, and well wishes from Pakistan.”

“I bet she guessed Imran in the first Wordle attempt,” one more chimed in.

Take a look at these:

When a baffled user shared, “I bet the creator of Wordle didn’t expect someone to react like this to one of the posts about their game,” Goldsmith laughed and retweeted their comment to add, “[This is] every tweet for the rest of my life”.

But things did not end there.

Many went on to urge their long lost bhabi to feel sorry for their current state. “Bhabi Imran Khan is punishing us because you left, please come back,” tweeted a netizen.

“Bhabhi do you still love Imran Khan?” asked another.

“Some, like IK, are born leaders who demand sacrifices. But losing you was a big loss, not only to him but for the entire nation! Respect!” commented one more.

Nonetheless, without paying heed to any of the absurd reactions, Goldsmith simply commented “Pakistan Zindabad!” in response to the overwhelming love she continues to receive till this day.

Well, we suppose that is the only way to go about things now.

Possibly coming out in 2022 (this year), Goldsmith’s upcoming movie is thought to be based on her former relationship with PM Khan.

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