Jemima Goldsmith’s Upcoming Movie May Be Based On Her Relationship With PM Imran Khan

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Jemima Goldsmith is one of the most loved former bhabhis, and if Pakistanis can stan a cross-cultural union in marriage, a cinematic depiction seems thrilling. Possibly coming out in 2022, her upcoming movie is thought to be based on her relationship with PM Imran Khan.

The first look at the cross-cultural British rom-com showcases aspects of cultural mixing with a man in a kurta and a woman in a leather jacket inside what appears to be a desi wedding hall.

The rom-com, What’s Love Got to Do With It, follows a filmmaker and juxtaposes her journey to love (swiping on dating apps and bad dates) with that of her close friend who decides to opt for an arranged marriage. She records his journey from London to Lahore as he sets off to marry a stranger and starts questioning her own ideas of love.

Jemima’s conversation with Evening Standard seems to indicate her upcoming film might be based on her relationship with PM Imran Khan.

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“I spent ten years writing that script. I just rewrote it and rewrote it,” said Jemima. The film is informed by her years in Pakistan, if not a direct representation of them. “When I went to Pakistan I probably had the same views as the rest of my friends about the concept of arranged marriage, which is that it is a mad, outdated idea.”

Change of views on love

“But I came back after ten years with a slightly different view, whereby I could see some merits to it,” she added. “In a world where we are led entirely by the idea of romantic love, if we could inject some pragmatism into that, a little more objectivity, then we might find a middle ground somewhere between passion and pragmatism, and we might make better decisions.”

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Love was not the only motivating factor behind Jemima’s own marriage. She had been raised in a world of privilege, her father’s wealth burnished by her mother’s aristocratic connections. There was a chaotic world reminiscent of succession, with a muddy morality.

“It is not a normal decision, aged 21, with all the freedoms and privileges that we grew up with, to essentially give those up, to go and live in an extremely black and white culture and adopt a black and white way of life and doctrine, with a man who was twice my age and a born again Muslim.”

“I would say, in retrospect, that moral certainty might have been more of a driving factor,” she admitted. The interview suggests her upcoming film might be about her relationship with the PM.

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