Jemima Goldsmith Wishes Prime Minister Imran Khan All the Best and Pakistanis Are Like “Bhaabi…?”

Feels good to write Prime Minister next to Imran Khan’s name. The Naya Pakistan is here. The tabdeeli is here. Khan’s struggles for 22 years finally come to an end. The crown is finally on his head. The stage is set. It is time for the change we were promised. It is time for Khan to lift the country, just like he lifted the ’92 World Cup.

During the time when Khan started his political aspirations, his ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith stood with him. Throughout the troubles that drifted the couple away, Jemima, till date, has done everything in her capacity to prove the honesty of Imran Khan, even in the recent Baani Gaala controversy.

With Such A Sweet, Encouraging Tweet Coming From An Ex Wife, Pakistanis Fell in Love With Jemima All Over Again!

Safe to say, every time Jemima tweets something about Pakistan, the locals fall in love with her even more.



Yep Yep


Hope the Naya Pakistan makes Jemima feel safe enough to visit the country again sometime soon.

Pakistan Zindabaad!

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