Jemima Goldsmith Hilariously Responds to Those Who Ask If She Will Re-Marry Imran Khan

The way Jemima Goldsmith stood up for Imran Khan during the recent trials taught everyone one lesson – even if you are not with someone who you once shared your life, you can still remain with them on good terms.

Jemima Goldsmith, who was once the wife of Imran Khan, supported the man through thick and thin during the recent Banni Galla controversy. PTI officials also applauded Jemaima for her continuous support.

Recently in an interview, Imran Khan denied the idea of re-marrying Jemima by stating, “Water is under the bridge.”

A pretty clear indication it won’t ever happen, right?

Khan is Not the Only One Who is Often Bombarded with These Questions – Even Jemima Gets to Hear them Every Now and Then!

Why? Because Pakistanis still adore her.

Especially after the way she stood for Khan recently!

While Khan denied re-marrying Jemima stating how it is gone for good now, at least Jemima just acknowledged how Pakistanis are super curious about the notion of the two get back together.

So Someone on Twitter Asked Jemima If She Will Re-Marry Khan

(Like this question has been asked for the first time)

And her Reply…Oh, it is Hilarious!

And Pakistanis Loved it!


Well Said


While two may never get back together, they share children together and the way both of the parents get to spend time with their kids shows how well-maintained the relationship between the two really is.

Re-marry or not, we are just glad to see two people showing how the past can be treated it a nice manner as well.

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