Has Jemima Goldsmith, Ex-Wife Of PM Imran, Given Birth To A Baby Girl?

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Clickbait headlines on several Pakistani news articles published in November 2020 claim that British film producer Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, has given birth to a baby girl.

The articles were shared hundreds of times in multiple Facebook posts. The claim is, however, false.

The misleading posts link to an Instagram post by Goldsmith in which she announced the birth of her niece in April 2020.

The claim was published on Facebook on November 6, 2020. Since then, it has been shared almost 500 times.

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The post features a photo of Goldsmith, a British film and television producer, with her brother Ben Goldsmith.

The Urdu-language text overlay reads: “Announcement of daughter’s birth – Jemima Goldsmith announced the good news astonishing for the entire world.”

It also includes a link to a news article by 24/7 Daily News Point with the same headline. 

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A similar claim was also shared on many pages of Facebook. However, the claim is false.

The claim is, however, false.

The November 6, 2020, Urdu-language report by 24/7 Daily News Point linked in the misleading Facebook post actually says that Jemima announced the birth of her niece on Instagram.

It reads, in part, “Jemima Goldsmith announced the birth of her niece on her Instagram account.

“Jemima Goldsmith shared a photo of her brother Ben holding his newborn daughter in his arms.”

Goldsmiths’ Instagram post was published on her account on April 24, 2020.

It states: “Welcome home, Vita Iris Goldsmith- my perfect little niece who left hospital today after a terrifying two weeks in the ICU & thanks to the brilliant doctors and nurses, a miraculous recovery. I love you so much already even tho’ we haven’t yet met❤️ So many congratulations to @bengoldsmith & @jemimagjones.”

Goldsmith is the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Pakistanis still love and respect her being the country’s ‘bhabhi’ (sister-in-law).

The couple tied the knot in 1995 and parted their way in 2004. They have two sons together. Unlike other ex-couples, Goldsmith still defends PM Imran when needed. On several occasions, she is seen silencing PM’s haters like a pro.

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