Jeff Bezos Ready To Step Into The Space Along With Three Members

Going to space is nowadays everyone’s dream, but it’s not cheap too. Very few people manage to pull off such adventure and achieve what they want to. Last night one of the billionaire people in the tech world Jeff Bezos officially announced that he’s going to the space today.

Although it was rumored when he met 82-year-old female pilot Mary Wallace Funk who supposedly happen to go to space sixty years ago, but couldn’t because of her gender even though she had passed all the necessary tests.

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To fulfill her dream, Jeff Bezos and his brother accompanied her with them so she can do what she always wanted to do. Should we say that it’s a holiday or retirement trip for Jeff Bezos?

Because a few weeks back, Jeff Bezos officially stepped down as the boss of Amazon which he ran for more than one decade.

Jeff Bezos Going to Space Today

The billionaire Jeff Bezos is ready to blast into space in his rocket ship New Shepard. He will not be alone in the journey, his brother Mark Bezos and 82-year-old lady Mary Wallace Funk and an 18-year-old student Oliver Daemen.

Mark Bezos founded an advertising agency and is now a senior vice president at Robin Hood.

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The fourth young passenger is the son of Joe Daemen, founder of Dutch private equity firm Somerset Capital Partners.

But Oliver secured his seat by himself, and he got replaced as the anonymous winner who paid $20m had to pull out “due to scheduling conflicts”.

Isn’t it exciting because there are very few people out there who get this opportunity to step their foot in space a place where it’s sort of not a cup of tea to go there?

For those who might be worried about their spaceship or say rocket ship then they will be traveling in a small capsule that has the largest windows flown into space.

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One of the interesting things about the New Shepard designed by Bezoz’s company and its main purpose is to serve as space tourism. The ticket price for the New Shepard hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Jeff Bezos and Mary Wallace Funky Shared Their Feelings

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One of the famous news outlets CBS asked the man himself Jeff Bezos about the journey he said, “I’m excited. People keep asking me if I’m nervous. I’m not nervous, I’m curious. I want to know what we’re going to learn,”

“We’ve been training. This vehicle’s ready, this crew is ready, this team is amazing. We just feel really good about it.”

“We’re in zero-g for around four minutes, and we get to get out of our seats, unstrap, float around, look at the thin limb of the Earth’s atmosphere,” “The views are going to be terrific, the zero-g will be an unusual experience that you really can’t get in any good way on Earth.”

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On the other hand, the lady Mary Wallace Funky whose 60-year-old dream is about to come true said, “It’s going to happen! I’ve waited a long time and I’ve dreamed a long time to get to go up.” She said she would carry out somersaults and tumbles while weightless in space.”

Some people are bashing them for wasting money on this tour, but on the other hand, others are appreciating their efforts too. To keep the record, here’s the link for the launch.

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