Man Gets Software Updated After Derogatory Remarks Against People Who Support Karachi’s Separation

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The recent sanitary turmoil in Karachi has brought out the best in some, while the worst in others. A long-debated debacle of separating Karachi from the rest of Sindh has shown up as another controversy of our times.

With increasing demand from one faction of Karachi for it to be declared a separate province, came retaliation as well. A man named Jeetu Jamali, who does not want Karachi to be separated from Sindh, used derogatory remarks against his Muhajir brothers and sisters.

Using age-old insulting references in one of his videos has angered Karachiites and the Muhajir community specifically. In the viral video, Jamali talks about how it was the Sindhis who helped Muhajirs in tougher times. Now, the demand for separation of Karachi from Sindh was a stab in the back.

Jeetu Jamali’s comments on Muhajirs

Once the video went viral, it faced severe retaliation from the Muhajir community. People went to the extent of revealing Jeetu Jamali’s home address, calling for confrontation. However, it was not long before Jeetu Jamali realized the mistake he had made in the video and published a rebuttal.

Jamali’s new video after getting his software updated 

Software UpdatedSindh Mai Sindhi Aur Muhajir Bhayyo Ke Beech Intishar Phelanay Waly Jeetu Jamali Ne Apni Galti Ke Aetraaf Krty Huye Apni Baat Ki Wazahat Kardi.

Gepostet von Karachi Walay am Mittwoch, 26. August 2020


In the new video, Jeetu Jamali can be seen trying to clarify himself. With his software being updated, this is what Jeetu had to say. “I have nothing against my Muhajir brothers and sisters who are sons of this soil. But those who want Karachi to be a separate province are traitors to Sindh, said Jamali in the new video.

Moreover, Jamali went on to use condescending language and obscene words for the people who want Karachi to be separated from Sindh. He said that he had nothing against the people who are against the notion.

However, the uproar on social media continues against Jeetu Jamali and the language he used. Some prominent upcoming politicians and activists in Karachi have also shown disgust on the viral videos.

This year’s monsoon has been very harsh on Karachi and the city’s faltering infrastructure is proof of it. With 70% of Karachi covered in slums, the rain has been anything but a blessing for Karachi and it s people. From the PPP to the Mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar, ironically, governance has been the worst trait of the government, With governance and press conferences on Twitter, it seems it is high time Karachi deserved the savior it so badly needs.

While the government continues to disappoint, the Pakistan Army has been carrying out rescue operations in Karachi.

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