JDC Sets Up Pakistan’s First Private & Free Coronavirus Hospital After Constant Hard Work

JDC karachi

The world is going through a tough time, and it’s not a mystery to anyone. With the worst pandemic of history in full swing, there’s no doubt that humanity couldn’t have survived if it was not for welfare organizations. First world countries, with their resources and means, have been able to handle the pandemic a much better way than any third world country.

However, when the case is of Pakistan, welfare is the only thing that has kept the country afloat of getting sedates by the virus completely. Welfare organizations, during these tough times, stepped up their game and went beyond their own expectations to help their fellow countrymen.

Zafar Abbas son of Karachi

One such organization is the JDC Welfare Foundation. The JDC has become a household name in Pakistan today. The reason? Uncountable hours, people, and resources devoted to helping others – the JDC has served as a source of pride and inspiration for every Pakistani.

From the first day of the lockdown being imposed in Karachi, the JDC knew they had a big role to play. Gone are the days when everything looked up to Abdul Sattar Edhi for help in Karachi, with the legend not being amongst us anymore. There’s a new face to welfare – it’s the JDC.

Pakistan’s first ‘free’ COVID-19 treatment hospital

JDC Hospital

From providing food, clothing, sanitary, and other basic essentials, the JDC was in all nook and corners of Karachi. They managed to generate, resource, designate, and distribute all the necessities to the needy, with absolute transparency.

Now, after tremendous work in the fight against Coronavirus, the JDC has set up Pakistan’s first free private COVID-19 hospital. The one of a kind initiative has showcased how the JDC, not even a single day, bowed down in the battle against the deadly disease.

JDC coronavirus

Zafar Abbas, the JDC General Secretary, also popularly known as the ‘Son of Karachi’ among youngsters, at this time, has worked for the interest of the public, thinking of them as his own. His farsightedness, critical thinking, and valiant execution have lead JDC to the heights of welfare in Pakistan.

As for the JDC hospital, all services provided will be free of coast. The hospital will include isolation wards, coronavirus testing, other essentials including ventilators for patients of extreme need. Not only this but when the flight PK-8303 crashed near Malir, Karachi, it was the JDC that was first on the spot along with Faisal Edhi and his respective team.

All in all, it is safe to say that the JDC has overperformed in the toughest times of human history. Their diligence, hard work, and the love for welfare and helping others have made them, indeed, a household name in Pakistan. Well done, JDC.

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